Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bribe – an in depth analysis!!!

Hi friends…I’m back here with my second post…..Firstly I would wish to thank for my post readers & well wishers who had encouraged me to write blogs. Hope you all guessed about today’s topic. Yes, it is about bribe which corrodes our Nation. Let me share what I experienced while attending a function last week.

We know that people would start discuss about different topics in functional gatherings. Like the same here one discussion started about search of Groom for their relative Girl. One of the relative explained about availability of Guy with good package in a Government job.

Instantly, people nearby started showing interest about his monthly earning above the hand and under hand (Bribe). His relatives told that he is straight forward. People nearby were disappointed on hearing this. Their open comment about that guy forced me to write this post.

What is the need of Government job if he is not interested to make more money (Bribe)?

I don’t exactly understand what they really mean. Are Government officials created for getting bribed or what!?

Their comments are unethical and disgusting. The same people who complaints when a Government officials asks them for money, forces their relative to get bribe. What is this!? How could it be accepted!?

I have already mentioned that 80 out of 200 houses in India involve in direct or indirect bribe.
Many straight forward people are threatened. They are ill treated. They are labeled as people who don’t know to survive.

Many youngsters realize their responsibility and ill effects of bribe, They come with dream of achievement – not with dream of bribe. But this ill treatment makes some of them change. If we start respecting honesty, if we start respecting straight forwardness – we could see more sincere and dedicated officers.

But are we people ready to do it?! If a sincere official comes, he will ask you for all papers and formality. But you could just buy corrupted personnel and get your job done without any proper paper.

Even in the present generation I could show you many government officials who never pay and get bribe. Let’s salute for them.

The person who bribes, comes with a motto of – I NEED TO ACHIEVE MY JOB SOMEHOW.
The person who is getting bribed has a saying – IF I DON’T GET, SOMEONE ELSE WILL GET.

As per law – Giving bribe is bigger crime than receiving it.

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  1. when this one single bloody culprit (Bribe) is drawn out, there is no obstacle in any sort of development.........

  2. True !!! We may attain first position in the World by 2020 itself !!!