Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Science and Spirituality !!!

There are many unending discussions in this universe - one of them is Science and Spirituality !!! I tried to make some study on both these topics and have shared my perceptions on the same in this post !!!

First let me start with a basic question !!!

Do we need Science or Spirituality ?!?!?!

The answer may defer depending on individuals perception !!! But let me just tell you a truth behind it !!!

In summer, we sweat a lot !!! Can Spirituality provide you a fan !?!?!?

In winter, we shiver due to cold !!! Can spirituality provide you a blanket !?!?!?

It is science which gave us medicine for all diseases !!! It is science which gave us missiles !!! It is science and scientists who gave very many things we use !!!

But there is also other part of science !!!

Since we use fans, Ac - our water excretion rate has come down !!! This result in various sickness and diseases !!!

We use blankets to protect from cold !!! But when we shiver during winter, stamina of our bones are said to increase !!! Now we are indirectly reducing our stamina !!!

In whatever way we see, Science provides immediate and intermediate relief - but not a permanent solution !!!

Some spiritual people states that, it is difficult to understand spirituality and that is the reason why many people are with science !!! Their statement is very simple !!! When there is a choice between maths and spirituality, many people prefer maths because of its simple to understand !!!

All the diseases we experience today are because of science !!! Earlier, average living age of people was 80 + !!! But now we have gradually come down to 60 !!!

Some scholars define - Seeking for external support during a problem is Science !!! Whereas, seeking for internal support during a problem in Spiritual !!!

In my context - No science can prove or disprove the existence of God !!!

In short, yesterday's supernatural spirituality is today's science and technology !!! The same is applicable for tomorrow also !!!

In nutshell, what ever is beyond reach of science is spiritual !!!

Combination of both spiritual and science makes this World brighter !!!

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