Friday, 1 July 2011

The somehow attitude !!!

Achieving target is acceptable !!! But our victory should not put others / environment in danger !!! Developing with minimum harm to environment is known as sustainable development !!!

The main principle of sustainable development is - "The needs can be met not only in present but also for generations to come !!!" (ELF - Environment, Local people, Future)

Let me explain sustainable development in a very simple term !!! I eat all snacks in my home to satisfy my hunger !!! When my brother comes and search in home, he gets nothing and hence he sleeps in hunger !!!

This is perfect example of unsustainable development and this is what we don't want to happen !!!

We people utilize our environment to the maximum to satisfy our needs !!! We never have time to worry about our future generations !!!

I think the main reason for our behaviour in this regard is - somehow attitude !!!

We people are focused on achieving success !!! We never bother about the resources we have !!! Many of the time we know that, if we proceed in this part - it would cost a lot to environment !!! But we are just self centered because it is cost saving process !!! It is like cutting the banks of the tree in which we are sitting !!!

Everyone says that development in China is threatening India !!! But I don't agree with it !!! I personally feel that China is an example for unsustainable development !!! They spoil or corrupt the environment to the maximum for their development sake !!!

Let me share an example - please correct me if I am wrong !!!

Zangmu Hydro-power project !!!

Zangmu dam is built on river Bhramaputra !!! It is the main source of water for India and Bangladesh !!!

Till date it is not clear when this project started !!! But Indian satellite got picture of Zangmu dam (under construction) !!! When Indian Govt approached China, it didn't respond initially but agreed at last !!!

Till date, the specifications of the dam is not clear !!! It is also said that 510 MW power may be produced form this project !!! This is really very big amount of power as far as hydro project is concerned !!!

China claims that it will have no effect over India !!! The reason they say is they are not going to store the water - it is a river run off project !!!

But there are many controversies prevailing !!! Some people say that China is diverting Bhramaputra water to a desert and use for power production !!!

If that is the case, think about ecosystem !!! Aquatic ecosystem is disturbed !!! On diverting into desert, Desert Ecosystem also gets disturbed !!!

There are reports that china is also planning four more dams in Bhramaputra itself !!!

Now people just think - We Indians are more focused on Indian border of China !!! In this area itself, we have these many examples of unsustainable development !!! What would be the case, if full china is considered !?!?!?

Indian developments are considering sustainability as a prime factor !!! But when we people are going to realize sustainability ?!!?!?

Are we going to become next Chinese or are we planning ahead to become supremo power ?!!?

Decision is in your hand !!!

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