Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nothing to Everything !!!

Many people have written / talked many things about Indian financial condition !!! ie. Rich gets richer and poor gets poorer !!! I recently saw an article which very clearly shares the discrimination !!! I thought of sharing it you !!!

A survey was conducted among a group of people !!! What would they do if they get Rs.500 ?!?!

Some people replied that they will shop, some said they will recharge their mobile !!! Some said they will purchase note books, some said they will pay their school fees !!! But some others says that they could not do anything with that money !!!

There is a thing to note here !!! Same amount in same locality has different value to different people !!! Is in it amazing ?!?!

This is classical example for discrimination !!!

Many of us spend money for unnecessary things !!! Many of us break the system with money !!! We even overtake people and predetermine the results with money !!!

But if the same money spoils our carrier, we get angry or become sad !!! I can't get the justice in it !!!

For example, I have more money than you !!! I bribed and got the job which you deserve !!! Mr. X who is more richer than me bribes more than me and gets the job which I have reserved earlier !!! This is the classical example for the system which is happening in India !!!

Money rules education and money is the ultimate power !!!

We people comment very easily on the people who gets bribe - but we never bother to stop bribing them !!!

Our poverty rate at present is 51%, Government has taken oath to reduce it to 22% by 2015 !!! 2015 is not so far !!! Just FOUR more years !!!

Till now we are falling short of devising a plan to achieve it !!! A issue of serious concern !!!

My suggestion is, unless we people educate our known ones about the value of money - it is not going to happen !!! Unless a student selects economics paper in his intermediate, he is never exposed to financial subject !!! Then how could we expect him to become master in managing his financial resources ?!!?!?

Even today investment is the biggest problem in India !!! In recent past, savings of Indians have come down !!! Our parents were experts in saving but we are not !!! We have live for the day culture !!! This culture may keep you happy but sack others !!!

This situation must change !!! Just think and act on it !!!

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