Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Mobile Users - Its for you !!!

If petrol / diesel rates gets hiked by Re. 1, we people start shouting against Govt !!! But do we really keep track on our mobile service providers !!! They loot our purse, our environment and probably our health too !!! This is purely an awareness for mobile users !!!

Almost every one of us use mobile phones !!! Survey states that prepaid mobile users are more in India !!! It is a positive sign for mobile companies, because they get paid even before usage !!!

Now let me come to point !!! Earlier we might be getting Rs. 43 or Rs.42 for a recharge of Rs.50 !!! But now we are getting only Rs.38 or Rs.39 !!! The reason is increase in amount for value added service charges !!!

But did they make any announcement in any media about this !?!?!? Were people informed about this price hike in value added service charges ?!?!?!

Even many people don't know this till now !!! This is the real pathetic situation which shows our addiction to mobile phones !!!

Our attitude is "Whatever be the tariff, I will continue using it !!! "

One more shocking service says that many people who maintain balance of Rs.20 and above loose at least Rs. 5 / month through flash sms !!!

Flash sms are really very dangerous !!! In many situations, we unknowingly accept their flash message, adding to the profit of service providers !!!

Okay !!! Flash sms can be avoided through DND services !!! But how many people in villages are aware about it !!! Very few - because no advertisements speak about DND !!!

Now comes most important part of discussion !!! Till now I have mentioned about direct loss to people - now lets see about indirect financial loss !!!

Telecom sector burns diesel for managing their mobile towers !!! The shocking news here is, the use of subsidiary diesel for this purpose !!! Because of this, Government looses at least Rs.2600 crores per year !!!

Already Government has passed a order to mobile companies to switch to renewable resources which are more cleaner and cheaper !!! But when will this be implemented strictly !?!?!?

We people are busy using mobile phones !!! We hardly have time to look at this issue !!! Unless we youngsters take up this issue, we can't expect fruitful result !!!

At least we can do this, send the feedback to your service provider asking them to switch to renewable power !!! Ask your friends and relatives to do the same !!! Let this awareness spread in air !!! When service providers are dumped with the same feedback from every of their users, they will be forced to make a change !!!

Also, Green Peace is an organization which is also working in the direction of fighting against illegal activities !!! If you want to sign in a petition (to show your support) against usage of diesel in mobile towers, click here !!!

I am not against any particular service provider or any particular individual !!! The purpose of this post is to make truth reach everyone and let you make your own decision !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Please find time to write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, INDIBLOGGER and DIGG, if we deserve !!!


  1. The moment I register for DND services, I start getting more garbage messages!!

  2. That is the lacuna in our system !!! Even mobile service providers are not so clear about DND services !!! Hope the system will improve !!!

  3. Great post. And an eye opener.
    We all truly are blinded by mobile phones. :(

  4. Thank you !!! The shocking fact is Indians use mobile phone to greater extent - because in countries like America, people prefer land-line phones more !!!

  5. India spends around 3500MW for Mobile Towers alone...Just imagine the diesel consumed by these DG everyday.....

  6. Ya !!! Its truly a very big amount !!! Even after Govt ordered to shift to renewable fuels, there is still hesitation prevailing among service providers !!!

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