Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Media Dependency !!!

We people are getting busy day by day !!! We have very less time to think about what is happening in our country - of course many of us never bother to think about Nation, even if they find time !!! This post is all about how this attitude has affected us !!!

We busy bees hardly stay in home !!! At that time, we have many other commitments like wife, children, parents !!! In this busy schedule how could we manage to think about Nation ?!?!

This is the question that many people have in their mind !!! Let me tell you, when you have got this attitude - we are half way down !!!

Due to this attitude, we people are now ruled by Media !!!

Many of us might accept me !!! Whatever news we hear are only the news which media communicates us !!!

How does dependence on media affects us !??!

First of all let me make a point very clear !!! Media is a noble job !!! Those people spare their life to make news reach us !!! Everyone of us knows it - but how many media are today free from reach of politicians ?!?!?!

Politicians use media to play with us !!! It is just like a mesmerism !!! One day they talk fully about Mumbai blast !!! Next day, we have fresh set of news about distribution of money for votes !!!

My dear people, we have forgotten many cases like Telengana, Indian fishermen killed by Srilankan army, ICC Lalit Modi, Black money from Swizz bank, Ramdev Baba, Anna Hazare and lots more !!!

Government plays card with this news !!! I don't blame all news channels on the whole !!! But even media people cannot deny that most of the news channel in regional languages are owned by politicians !!!

Will I tell a bad news about myself !?!?!? It is a simple logic !!! Politician owned media channel can be permitted - but they should not be allowed to broadcast news !!! Because majority of their news are biased !!! We people even after knowing that news are purely biased, continue seeing it - since we have no option left with us !!!

This is really pathetic !!! Some of us who have access to Internet can get true news from unbiased media !!! But how many percent of people use Internet daily !?!?!?

It is really the biggest question mark before us !!! We people are showed what politician think !!! We are not shown the fact !!! (again I am not meaning all NEWS channels here - you people know the truth)

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Please find time to write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, INDIBLOGGER and DIGG, if we deserve !!!


  1. like Discovery channel, animal planet are broadcasted in Tamil(Regional language) CNN, BBC could also make a try.......

  2. I believe there is nothing wrong in watching news, but one has to draw his or her own conclusion and not go purely by Media dictates.

  3. @ Vidhya: Rightly said !!! I think we people should express our wish in this regards !!! As an initiative I will try to find an option to contact them and post it here !!!

  4. @ Deguide: Rightly said Sir !!! All we see is not true !!!

  5. it is absoulutely true that most of the news papers biased and owned by politicians. the news make impact on society. most of the people don't know.

  6. The media is ruling the roost like never before. great post... It's 100% true that regional news channels are owned by political parties esp. in TN..

  7. Of course !!! Tamil Nadu - the state with good literacy level is in this situation !!! Really pity !!!