Monday, 4 July 2011

Planning to attend your first interview !??!!?

Discussion is a positive parameter, whereas argument is not a healthy sign !!! In this post we are to see how discussion turns out as argument and what are the reasons behind this conversion !!! This difference may be very useful for people who are to attend your first Group Discussion !!!

Lets assume a interview hall, where Group Discussion is taking place !!! Also assume 10 students are participating in GD !!!

What interviewer expects from all 10 of you is positive discussion !!!

But one of the unknown person has cornered your close friend by his speech !!! Probably that is end of the discussion - because now your friendship (emotion) will force you to corner that unknown person !!!

You start to argue with him and his friends !!! Constructive process is broken !!!

This happens very often in GD !!!

Discussion is discussing things without sentiments, emotions and individual love and anger !!!

When any of these parameters gets into the discussion - it becomes argument !!!

Diplomatic language is the key for all questions !!!

Being diplomatic means, conveying your opposition / objection in more polite way without hurting others !!!

I once read in a book about experience - Experience is not about answering all the questions !!! It is about selecting the right question to leave it unanswered !!!

There is a saying - Adapt to situation !!!

When you want to be a part of MNC, you need to match their standard !!!

You might have heard 100 flaws about their company !!! But even after that, you are waiting to become a part of it - don't forget !!!

Recently in an educational submit, Mr. Kapil Sibal spoke about difference between winner and looser !!!

Winner knows his positive and negative and focuses on his positive !!!

Looser knows his positive and negative but focuses on his negative !!!

Focusing on negative is never wrong !!! But focusing on negative at the time of interview, gives you an additional tension and pressure !!! It reduces our confidence to greater extent !!! 

Key thing for success in any interview is confidence !!!

Some times this too happens !!! People try to be over smart and try to corner interviewer !!! This is very bad practice !!!

Also it is not necessary for you to answer all what they ask !!! Option is left to you whether to answer or not !!! If you are not interested to answer, again let them know (but diplomatically) !!!

Control over speech !!! Know your limits !!! If you are asked a question - don't drain your entire command over that subject !!! Just give an apt answer and wait for interviewer to shoot next question !!! Don't forget that most of the interviewers pick up their questions from your previous answer only !!!

This post is just broken pieces of information !!! Hope not in very organized manner !!! But these tit-bits are from my personal experience !!! Thanks to my boss for letting me observe many interviews he has hosted !!!

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