Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Internal Anger !!!

Everyone of get anger !!! It is even considered as one of the prime characteristics of a healthy person !!! We all know about the ill effects of anger !!! But in this post we are to share something new about anger !!!

Medically speaking there are few people who express their anger and there are many people who just keep it with in themselves !!!

The word decency never meant to suppress your feeling !!! But we people in order to look decent. we suppress our anger and happiness !!!

Let me tell you an example !!!

We are in our office !!! We feel that we are treated a level less than others !!! Now we have two options !!! Either to call the person who treated us differently and ask him to correct or just keep this within ourselves !!!

Many of the people prefer for the second option !!! Because the former sounds unethical !!!

I have seen some people remaining silent !!! This doesn't mean that those people are Gandhiji or Buddha ji !!! They suppress their anger without expressing !!! 9/10 times the reason quoted for this activity is public image !!!

What is wrong in suppressing anger within yourself ?!!?!?

Suppressing within ourselves never mean that we have controlled our anger !!! Controlling anger is a different story altogether !!!

When we start hiding our feeling, we begin to think inferior about our-self !!!

Take the above example !!! We begin thinking that why we are treated in different level !!! In what way we become less than others !?!? This question will naturally make us hate the people who are treated in good way !!!

Our eyes begin to see them as aliens !!! Our communication gap will increase which will finally end up in burst of feelings !!!

If you are really a person who controlled your anger - you will never get a feeling that you are treated differently !!!

Even these days we get lot of news saying that " College student has shot 10 of his classmates" !!! "Boy poured acid on his lover's face" !!!

All these are because of depression in our heart !!! And most importantly, you need to understand that no one except you can create a depression in your heart !!!

So I request everyone of you to be expressive !!! Anger or sadness or happiness or joy - just express it !!!

You have lot of ways to express !!! If you don't wanna share your personal to your friends - just write a dairy !!! And surely you are to get a compliment for being expressive - that is creativity !!! When you are truly expressive, you will serve as point of attraction and you can see people around you all times !!!

If you be inexpressive, you will be complemented with inferiority complex and very narrow friend circle !!!

Life is short !!! Express and Enjoy !!!

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  1. Hey get rid of the !!! In every statement. It made you lose impact and I could not read your blog all the way through.