Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Earning capacity !!!

India has developed in all aspects !!! Earning capacity has rocketed in past 10 years !!! At the same time our expenses have also increased, resulting in decrease in saving amount !!! What is the reason behind all these fact ?!?! Lets see in this post !!!

First what is the reason for increase in earning capacity of a family ?!!?

A simple answer for this complex question is - Earning capacity of women has gone up !!!

Average earning capacity of an urban woman was Rs. 4492 by 2001, but now it has reached Rs. 9457 !!!

This has direct influence of family's earning capacity !!! Hence the household earning capacity has gone up from Rs. 8242 by 2001 to Rs. 16509 at present !!!

This increase in household capacity indeed has direct impact on per capital income which has raised  from Rs. 16688 (during 2000-01) to Rs. 54835 (at present) !!!

Logically speaking, our bank balance should have raised !!! But it has not happen !!!

I can hear many of us complaining on inflation !!! But statistics says food inflation is very much under control !!! The problem is with our spending, especially the concept of shopping !!!

Future groups (which owns big bazzar, pantaloons etc) reported that sales of women clothing and accessories has gone up by 33% in recent times !!!

One more statistics says that percentage of houses without servant / maid has come down to 71% from 91% !!!

This probably contributes more to the expenditure and hence directly implies us why our saving capacity has gone down !!!

I never mean to say that women alone spend on these items !!! In fact, the reason I mentioned all above about women was - they are the people who save !!!

Men are always known for spending money and generally poor in handling money !!!

Girls are known to use cosmetics and visit beauty parlour more frequently !!! But now, men are in tight competition with women in usage of cosmetics !!! Recent report states that men cosmetics products earn more profit than women cosmetics products !!!

Now lastly, Life is to enjoy - there is no barrier for it !!! But saving is the treasure for our future !!! Decision is yours !!!

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