Sunday, 3 July 2011

Its raining Websites !!!

It has been long since I posted any useful online resource or software !!! So today thought of fulfilling techies !!! This post has some online resources which could be really useful for you !!!

Decision Making Site !!!

Many of us remain confused at some part of our time !!! How happy we would be if some website helps us in taking decision !?!!? Yeah - your dream comes true !!!

Click here to get assisted in decision making !!! (Advised you to just use for jovial / funny purpose)

Explore New Sites !!!

Almost all of us are interested in knowing new things !!! We are also in search of new websites !!! This site is especially for us !!! Every time we click GO button, it takes us to a new site !!! If you don't like - just come back and click go again !!! Keep exploring many new sites !!!

Click here to explore new site of today !!!

A Search Engine to Challenge Google !!!

We all know that Google is an unbeatable search engine !!! It has faced many competitors in its life time !!! But no competitor (except yahoo) can do considerable damage to Google !!! But here comes a search engine which is really not so impressive but claims to be result oriented !!! Google has been claimed for mixing its result for advertisement sake !!! This site claims that the results are 100% keyword oriented !!!

Click here to discover a new search engine !!!

Job and Interview Tips - Only for Women !!!

Everyone knows women is special !!! Any site which should attract women should also be beautiful enough to catch their eyes !!! This site is a special blunder of attraction and information !!!

Women visitors click here to get some useful tips !!!

It is for bookies !!!

Are you a bookie !?!?! Interested in learning books online free of cost !!! This is the place for you !!! You can find wide variety of books !!!

Click here to start exploring !!!

Boar sharing Mails ?!?!

If you have saturated in sharing texts and pictures, why not start sharing voices and tunes !?!?!? This site lets you share prank calls, voice mails etc to your friends !!!

Click here to let your mail speak !!!

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