Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Destructive Technology !!!

Everything in this universe has two faces !!! We cannot mention a thing in this universe which is 100% useful !!! Probably if the usefulness is more than destructiveness, we call it as an useful product !!!

In this post, are to see how technologies are used in destructive way !!!

Many of us would have seen in many films - militants need an anger youngster who is fed up with his Nation or who wants to change the things in his country !!!

They select such person, brain wash him and make him an addict of Stockholm syndrome !!! (To know what is Stockholm syndrome please click here !!!)

Those people dedicate themselves for the militants, mainly because their feelings get respected there !!! 

Now lets come to technology parts !!!

We are seeing many innovative destructiveness these days !!! This is because of the fresh brain in their team !!!

Firstly, for making a simple bomb you need explosives, detonator and a timer !!! 

Explosives are very commonly available in our markets !!! Timer is as simple as everyone knows !!!

Now the technology has to concentrate on detonator !!! Detonator is a device used to trigger explosive device !!! Detonator can be either chemical, mechanical or electrical !!! Nowadays, mechanical and electrical are used more frequently !!!

Recently Government has released a note to all Indian citizens !!! Perfume bottles are used as a detonators for triggering the bombs !!! Will you believe this !?!?!?

You walk in a road, see a perfume bottle (seal packed), you just tested it !!! Unknowingly now you have triggered an explosion !!!

How dangerous it is !?!? If you get perfume as a gift from a person whom you know less, please avoid it at any cost !!! Because you may unknowingly trigger an explosion !!!

I am very unhappy because media never took this news to people as it should have done !!! I have seen only FM channels repeating this few times and news papers allocating 4 lines at the side row for this news !!!

Television media should have published this news repeatedly and made people aware about it !!! But it didn't !!!

Anyhow thanks to FM station, who took an initiative to communicate this news !!!

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  1. Apart from 6th sense........

  2. I was also equally shocked on seeing this news !!! But it was not communicated to people at all - which brings me the sorrow !!!