Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hats Off India !!!

We all know many things about India !!! In this post we will be discussing about mentality of Indians and the reason behind that mentality !!! I am sure this will help you understand more better about our county and people !!!

India - a densely populated country with about 365 people living in a square kilometer !!!

It is one of the very few countries which is gifted with 12 hours day light and 12 hours moon light !!! It has faced very less natural disaster (in large scale) !!! Gifted with good climatic condition - hot summer (but not more than 50 or 55 C) and cool winter (but not in minus - except Kashmir and hilly areas) !!!

We are having  rivers flowing in all parts of India !!! India is still one of the richer countries in the World - even after British looted all what they can !!!

We are ranked 4th in corruption - but ranked 3rd in becoming supremo power !!!

We own the pride of being the World's largest democratic country !!! Country which acts as a symbol of peace - at the same time capable of destroying terror !!!

It is estimated that British looted crores and crores of money from India !!! Our researchers says that there are crores and crores of money left unused underground !!! We all know there are crores and crores of Indian money left in Swizz bank !!!

If you approach logically - money we lost + money left unused (either underground or swizz bank) accounts more than half of our country's wealth !!!

So, with just less than half of our wealth - we are threatening the World !!! The World has realized that India is capable of making profit with what ever they have !!!

We have to tap on back of our shoulders and say good to ourselves !!!

If you ask a question of what I did to tap on my back - tap once again, because now you are in right direction !!!

Start teaching people !!! Share your knowledge !!! Spread awareness !!!

Achievement is not only giving a seminar in International Conference - it is also educating people in your own room !!! Anything you do for the benefit of your country is an achievement for you !!!

And lastly, reason I asked you to tap yourself on your shoulder is that - don't expect anyone to recognize you for your effort !!!

It is estimated in BRIC report that India would become supremo power within 2050 !!! If we people work in direction of creating awareness among people and spread the light of education - probably we can get a pride of being supremo power in 2040 or even earlier !!!

Now ball is in your court !!!

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  1. fantastic thought......hard to find people who are dare to kick the ball.....if somebody did so they will be out of the game......he'll be as comic as circus clown

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