Saturday, 16 July 2011

No Other go !!!

Can anyone guess what is special after 90 days !?!? Ya of course, it is diwali week !!! This post is all about how people make money on using opportunity !!!

Recently, there were serial blasts in Mumbai !!! 18 people were reported dead and many got injured !!!

Our media has highlighted two issues from this !!!

1. One famous leader was watching fashion show at the time of blast !!!

2. One ward boy in hospital demanding money for handover of dead bodies !!!

I have no mood to discuss about politicians now !!!

So lets take second case with us !!! Asking money for dead bodies !!! Is it acceptable or not !?!?!?

If you ask me, he is not wrong !!!

Let me share you an example to make you think more deeper !!!

Life is interconnected by all ways !!! If the vegetables rate goes up, either I have to bring down my vegetable consumption or increase my earning capacity !!!

Diwali week is 90 days away !!! Open IRCTC now and search for tickets - you won't get it !!! The reason is agent's role in ticket booking !!!

There are loop holes in every system of India !!! The classical example is IRCTC online booking !!!

A person can book SIX tickets per form !!! And it is enough if one of the six has original proof with him !!!

If I am an agent, I will book SIX tickets !!! Sell 5 tickets and send one of my person with original proof !!! Now Govt rules is also met !!! Generally agents sell tickets twice or thrice than original price !!!

We also have no option left with us !!! We need to purchase it !!!

This business is applicable to train, bus and even flights !!! During festival times, flight tariff is not reachable at all !!!

Now as a common man, the ward boy demanded money to meet his expense !!!

In short, he demanded commission to pay commission to others !!!

I accept - it is not the place to demand money !!! But his duty is fixed in mortuary !!! He can't differentiate people or see sympathy !!! Unless he is demanded money from other, he will demand from us - independent of situation !!!

I have even shouted many times against corruption and legal non-compliance !!! But people cool me saying a stupid sentence "This is India" !!! So what !?!?!? Do you expect India always to be like this or what !?!? I can;t understand !!! People please lets be perfect before pointing out others !!!

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  1. Money makes Many...... Many demands Money.......Exactly no other go