Friday, 15 July 2011

Where is humanity !?!?!?

I am really very upset !!! I live in this World hoping that my parents or my friends or my neighbours will help me when I am attacked !!! But probably I need to change my idea !!! Why we people have become so self centered !?!?!? This is post is a cry from my heart !!!

Coimbatore - a city in Tamil Nadu is almost developed next to Chennai !!! 

A group of 4 people have attacked a man near a signal !!! It is one of the most busy signals in Coimbatore !!! Traffic police was also present on the spot !!!

There was nearly 5 - 10 vehicles waiting in the signal, when a person was killed !!! The distance between vehicles and spot was not more than 10 - 20 meter !!! But would you believe it - not even a single person came to help !!!

The victim was hit on the ground 5- 6 times !!! He was injured by throwing stones when he tried to escape !!! Just by 4 people !!! Don't forget my friends - nearly 50 people were watching this, including a traffic constable !!!

I really broke down on seeing this incident !!! Close Circuit TV (CCTV) has got the live footage of this incident !!! The culprits were arrested !!! The victim was taken to hospital but he lost his life there !!!

Where is HUMANITY ?!?!?!?

How come those 100 people can speak about corruption, terrorism, violence etc !!! I can write and give - we are going down only because of this attitude !!!

In Yesterday's post only I seek people's support in bringing violence down !!!

One side the Govt has said that it is impossible to eradicate terrorism !!! One side we people keep on developing this attitude !!! If the same continues, development will surely be there - but what about peace and our life !!!

Can 5 Lak or 10 Lak compensate your life !?!??! Our life is invaluable gift !!!

From where those 4 culprits got the guts to attack the victim in public !?!?!? They just got it on seeing TV, Movies and many other incidents which took place earlier in same manner !!!

Probably if Coimbatore people caught hold the culprits on the spot - it would have created the fear on them, which will reduce / avoid those incidents happening in future !!!

But what happened in Coimbatore is a mere motivation !!! 

If I am a culprit, I would really be motivated by these incidents !!! I too want to prove my caliber and guts by performing such a incident !!! This is because history reveals our weakness - no one will come to court or go to police station and speak !!! No one will injure or catch us red handed so what is wrong in doing mistakes in open !?!?!?

People wake up !!! Unless we people build a courageous heart, nothing is going to happen !!! Learn Karate, Kung-fu or whatever you want to protect yourself and also your loved ones !!! Tomorrow if the same happen to our loved ones - at least by that time we need to react !!! 

Make HUMANITY a part of your life !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Please find time to write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, INDIBLOGGER and DIGG, if we deserve !!!


  1. the world suffers a lot.......Not bcoz of the violence of the bad people but bcoz of the silence of the good people......

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  3. ur just think about that man killed. wht about 1000 of animals we killing accusing daily. they are not living beings or they don't have rights to live in ur society where is humanity gone.........

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