Friday, 22 July 2011

India - Health care Desert !!!

Indians are known for their caring attitude !!! But when it comes to health care of the self, we lag far behind !!! One side we are proud that Mrs. Hilary Clinton is praising India but there is a WHO report which makes us more sad !!!

The report starts like this - 55% of Indian children under the age of 2 do not receive routine immunization !!!

India has highest number of children dying under age of 5 - every year !!! There is no complicated diseases which lead to increase in toll - its well identified diseases like diarrhea, cough and cold which are major contributors !!!

We have medicines for almost all these identified diseases, but the lacuna is that this medicines has not reached poor people !!!

NGO Save Children says that among 25 developing countries, India has the highest number of children who do not receive even the most basic of health care services !!!

Few areas in the World where, there is no treatment facility available for identified diseases are known as HEALTH CARE DESERT !!!

About 1.2 million children under age of one die every year in India of largely treatable and even preventable diseases and conditions !!!

So there is nothing wrong in naming India as Health care Desert !!! In closer view - even some parts of Delhi are identified as Health care desert !!! It is very much surprising - capital of India, which is provided with all the facility is also identified as health care desert because part of people are not exposed to medical treatment !!!

For any problem, there will be a root cause !!! The root cause for this problem I guess would be LACK OF AWARENESS AND AFFORDABILITY !!!

First of all, no one tells me that I have to take my child to hospital (except for polio) !!! How could I know about the treatment to be given for a child !?!?!?

If I am informed about it, the medical facility is not available in my area or it is too much costly to afford !!!

Even if medical facility is available, it is of very poor standard !!! Even tablet given in such hospital could lead to death !!!

Even if people are given good quality medicine, they are not instructed about its usage !!!

There are lot of interconnecting questions left unanswered !!! One should have a clear idea about it and spend time to think !!!

We are leading the World in IT !!! Indian IT expert from Bangalore controls the total Medical care facility of Americans !!! Why can't they be used for designing a medical care facility which covers all 1.21 billion !?!?!

We have enough resources with us !!! But the problem is we don't have enough of visionary leaders !!!

It is we people / college students / NGO / Media / Govt organization who could join our hands and help people get awareness in this regard !!!

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  1. 47% of Indian children suffers malnutrition and India ranks second in this chart

  2. Ya !!! We are in very pity situation !!! Our health ministry should be made stronger and more focused in developing health care in villages !!! Government shall consider making more qualified doctors every year !!!

  3. Here plays the corruption. Inspite of all government plans wrong reporting of the actual scenario to show that the government plans are working better, suppresses the real picture...this what happened, happening and of course it will happen until................................................................................

  4. Until, we people start questioning !!!

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