Friday, 29 July 2011

The Love Effect !!!

Love makes life beautiful !!! Many of you would be in love and few of you would be supporting their love !!! Both are very good experience !!! People love only because of belief on their friends - Survey !!! In this post, we are to see some interesting facts about lover(s) and fake accounts !!!

I am not sure whether love makes life beautiful or not - but lovers make life interesting !!! It is not essential that every one of us keep loving !!! We can experience the thrill even when we have one of our friend in love !!!

Generally friendship is the first relation which everyone of us select by our-self !!! Lover is the second relation which many of us try to select or select !!!

In my personal experience, a person's activity changes when he falls in love !!! You might have also noticed this among your friends !!!

If you are in office, you could see the person (in love) smiling at the monitor !!! If you are in college you could see the waves (sometimes mobile radiation) carrying their love !!!

A person who never attends a phone call before 10 rings will pick up the phone call at very first ring (especially if you call from an unknown number) !!!

He starts spending more time in front of the mirror, even after knowing that he is to talk with the girl only in mobile !!! He starts visiting social networks online and wait for her arrival !!! He also ensures that he makes crispy status line, so as to get likes from many of his friends (specially from her) !!!

Never mind about relationship status before meeting the girl - but once the girl is targeted, relationship status jumps to SINGLE !!!

Finally, friends are the ones who become prey for all these actions !!! He uploads a photo or update a status, contact his friends by phone and asks him to like !!!

Generally we never say no to lover !!! Whatever be the question - we have our friends to search the answer !!!

For example, The boy is asked about some unknown details, late night !!! He might not have any idea about the question !!! Probably he might be hearing this name for the very first time !!! But he just asks for two minute time from that girl - surfs in Google, gets confirmation from his friends and report promptly !!!

The above mentioned cases are applicable not only for lovers - but for modern day chatting friends also !!!

If you do all these for your lover - hats off !!! It shows your affection and love towards her !!!

But when the same is imposed on a girl (or probably a boy made girl) whom you meet on social network - it is a mere foolishness !!!

Guys its time for us to wake up !!! Understand the different between fake and real relationship !!! Respect real relationship - no matter you can even give your life !!! But trash fake relationship !!!

Don't fall prey to fake accounts !!! Here are few tips to check the worthiness of an account !!!

1. See the profile picture - Mostly fake account have Bollywood heroine / hero photos or Kid photo !!!
2. See the educational institution and match it with educational institution of their friends !!!
3. If you probably have more friends in opposite sex, then be cautious !!!
4. Will never share most of the information in profile !!!
5. Will update his / her status more often - but comments only on your posts !!!
6. Probably may block you or avoid you getting his / her update to keep you in blind spots !!!
7. Use more of special characters or smileys during chat or status !!!
8. And lastly, when you can create a fake ID, why can't you friends !?!?!?

I have intentionally made last point because, fake ID has become most common these days !!! It is reported that most of frequent social network visitors have at least one fake ID (Specially college students) !!! They start with intention of teasing their friends but it may produce adverse effect !!!

I can even prove you that many owners of blog, group, page use fake IDs to make their blog / page / group popular !!! I never blame them - because they have no other go !!! We people respond only when a girl posts a comment !!!

Wake up friends and think of what you do !!!

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  1. Nothing but Hormones are playing Harmonium.......
    Using Social Networks is a good hobby in recent days....
    Nice post....need of the hour......

  2. Is it ur friends activities or of ur own?????