Saturday, 2 July 2011

India Stands 4th in this list !!!

India has recently overtaken many countries to reach 4th position in this list !!! But this is not a matter of joy !!! India is the 4th most insecure country for women to survive !!!

It is 21st century !!! Girls are sent to schools and colleges !!! They indeed dominate IT sector !!! They dominate educational sector !!! But still now, every girl would be closely monitored by her parents !!! They will keep an update of the girl's location and activities for sure !!!

It is not because of lack of belief on her !!! It is because the extra love and affection on her daughter !!! I could even remember a scene from a popular Tamil movie !!! Heroine used to go to school for first time, in cycle !!! Her dad will follow her in car till she reaches college !!! But the girl will misunderstand that her dad is doubting / spying her !!! This situation is most common with most of the girls !!!

Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan lead India in this list !!! Really shame to see our country's name here !!!

What made India's presence in this list !?!?!?

  1. We people generally think that women is one step lesser than men !!! It applies for educated personnel also !!! How many men would have rejected a girl, only because her educational qualification is more than him ?!?!!?
  2. In village side, people think that trashing women is the real manliness !!!
  3. We see women as beauty, not as knowledge !!! 
  4. Women is been treated as a child yielding machine !!! Also as a device which could satisfy your hunger and give you pleasure !!!
I may be bit rude or vulgar in wordings !!! But this is more refined version of truth !!!

We are heading towards becoming supremo power !!! We are leading World in IT sector !!! But we have also turned out to be most insecure place for women !!!

Even Somalia is said to be safer than India !!! 

I can hear few of you saying, why to believe London research !?! But let me also share with  you few statistics released by Indian Government !!!

In UP alone 9 rapes takes place for every 48 hours !!! In Delhi it is 8 for every 2 days !!!

Every year 8 Lak Girls are been kidnapped !!!

Next to smuggling, Kidnapping of Girls is the largest committed crime !!!

Now it is easy to correlate !!!

Developed countries and our competitors may do anything to divert us from attaining supremo power chair !!! It is also forecast that their prime attack will be in this area !!! They are going to divert our brain towards women and women related attractions and reduce our efficiency !!!

Understand women is also human being !!! She is mentally nothing less than us !!!

Think and decide !!! At least build a safe place for women in your home !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Please find time to write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, INDIBLOGGER and DIGG, if we deserve !!!

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