Saturday, 23 July 2011

The modern Lifestyle !!!

We people have become busy bees !!! Husband and wife both earn money to meet their modern lifestyle !!! Survey says that Husband and Wife thinks Child as hindrance for their happiness and hence there is decrease in population growth !!!

Let me share you a normal life style in a family (say upper middle class) where both husband and wife goes to earn !!!

Morning they get up, share their work - go to office !!! Lunch probably in office canteen and evening they turn back with some snacks parcel !!! Dinner (weekly 5 days) in house !!!

This is okay for a couple !!! But when a child is born, the lifestyle must be changed !!! But even then - many couple follow this same monotonous lifestyle, which spoils child physically and mentally !!!

Since they cannot reach home early in evening, they send their child for tuition !!!

Just rewind 10 years !!! Only selective students were attending tuition !!! There was a concept that tuition is only for poor / average student !!! But now, it is made compulsory !!!

Two main reasons quoted for kids being send to tuition was,

1. Parents needs a place where kid would be safe, till they reach back home.
2. Parents are busy with their TV programs and they don't want their children wasting time by watching those programs.

Is this the concern we have on our kids !?!? I really salute the couples, who said no to kids !!! At least they have not spoiled a kids life !!!

We are loosing our Nuclear family structure !!! It is also an important cause for increase in tuition centers !!!

If you have your parents at home, they act more than what tuition centers and guardians do !!! They shower love and affection !!! They teach moral !!!

And more importantly, child won't be feeling idle !!! Everyone of us know this - Idle mind is a devil's workshop !!! Even after knowing this, think how many hours a day we leave our child idle !!!

Our way of brought up indirectly contributes to many things !!! Child will loose the ability of maintaining relationship with friends and teachers !!! He will become more material dependent (like computer, video games) !!!

Its time for us to really think and act !!!

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  1. Even if its only watching movie, eat pizza, play an online game or family walking at night will design some time together.

    modern lifestyle