Monday, 18 July 2011

Fake is not new !!!

Damaging economy of the country is the easiest way to cause instability of a country !!! Terrorism involves high risk and it is an open attack !!! If our intelligence is strong, terrorism can be avoided !!! But the hidden attack is something more serious than terrorism - today in our post we are to see one such hidden attacks !!!

History recorded one such hidden attack by 1939 !!! World war II happened between German and Britain !!! It was said that British forces are strong enough to beat the German soldiers !!! Hitler thought of a master plan surprise Britain Govt !!!

He used a weapon called currency !!! He started making fake currencies (fake pounds) and planned to circulate this in Britain !!! Basic Economic knowledge is very essential here !!! The motto of circulating fake currencies was to increase the cash flow in Britain which could lead in rocketing of inflation rates !!!

As per my knowledge, it is probably the first fake note case !!!

Anyhow, Britain people came to know the plan of Nazi's and blocked them on their way !!!

Now, coming back to India - Fake notes have become integral part of our economy !!! That too fake note movement is more experienced in border states !!!

Now I guess you people would have got the correlation !!! Indian inflation rate is rocketing !!! Many of us use fake notes unknowingly !!! Till dates, stringent methods / norms are not available to reduce fake note usage !!!

Probably, our neighbouring countries may use this opportunity !!! So Government need to make some strict laws regarding this - this is the key to control inflation !!!

Recent study says that, consumption of money for food material has gone down !!!

ie. If I was earning Rs. 5000 during 1980 - I spent Rs. 1000 for food and food related items !!! In short 20% of my earning was spent in food related items !!!

But now, I earn Rs.20000 - I spent Rs.3000 for food and food related items !!! In short 15% of my earning has been spent in food related items !!!

This clearly shows the balance !!! Our economy is still steady !!! Proportion between income and expenditure is normal !!! But in recent days our expenditure towards many model items like cosmetics, mobile etc has gone up !!!

This is the clear lesson for us !!! If we reduce our non-mandatory expenses, we can keep our inflation in control !!!

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