Sunday, 17 July 2011

Righteousness in Heart !!!

Righteousness is nothing but adhering to moral principles !!! The intensity of righteousness differ from person to person !!! This post is to explain how a righteousness can have a huge impact on pride of the Nation !!!

Righteousness in heart leads to beauty in character !!! Beauty in character brings harmony in home !!! Harmony in home establishes order in nation !!! Order in Nation contributes to peace in the world !!!

Now lets match this phrase with an example !!!

It is a moral principle to be friendly to people and treat others as human !!! If you behave like that naturally your character becomes beautiful !!! There could be many people noticed along with you !!!

Character is like a mirror !!! If you are good, naturally you will get some good characterized people with you !!! This will satisfy your inner heart !!! Naturally it makes you feel happy !!! This happiness reflects in family !!!

When you are happy, your family will be happy - leading to harmony in home !!! When harmony is attained in home, home is said to be in order !!! When every home is in order, naturally state is in order !!! When every state is in order, Nation is in order !!! 

When nation is in order, no crime will take place leading to peace in the World !!!

Imagine the negative of it now !!! If I ill-treat my colleague / sub-ordinate, his moral goes down !!! He gets upset !!! He looses his confidence and looses his beauty in character !!!

The anger will be reflecting in home and hence it leads to hot discussions !!! Since mind is not calm, there won't be any mutual agreement and this results in dissonance !!! 

When dissonance happens, orderliness of family becomes a puzzle !!! Un-Parliamentary discussions takes place in front of child, relatives or family members !!! This create a wrong impact on their heart !!! Couple reaches the court and breaks their bondage and now their children are forced to make the selection between their dad and mom !!! 

This incident would have seeded anger / emotions in you which may make you as militant / anti- social element one day !!! Hence the Nation's law and order becomes question mark !!!

When National order is spared, Peace in nation is lost !!! When a country's peace is lost, it might have some indirect / direct effect on peace of other countries also !!!

Now decision  is yours !!! Help India becoming supremo power by acting righteousness !!!

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