Sunday, 10 July 2011

An innovative method to conserve water !!!

In case if World War III happens, it is because of Water !!! This is universally accepted scenario !!! Many of us speak about water conservation - but think very less about it !!! In this post I have shared a easy and cheap water conservative method !!! Thanks to Mr. Narendra Modi for sharing it with common public !!!

This time, let me start our post without pricing Mr. Modi (as I did it very many times) !!!

Till date, we people were concentrating on excess water spent for any purpose !!! But we never bothered to think about reducing the conservation of the water than it is at present !!!

For example, Say the sapling needs 5 buckets at an average for its growth !!! If I pour 10 buckets of water to a sapling (more than what it actually needs) - we people call 5 buckets of water is wasted !!!

But we never tried to maintain growth of the plant with 3 or 4 buckets of water !!!

I accept Rain water harvesting and many other techniques are still in place - but their reliability is still a question !!!

Now let me share a practice shared by Mr. Modi !!!

Use a clay pot and fill it with water !!! Excavate the area parallel to root of the sapling and place the pot there !!! Cover the lid of the pot !!! (See figure)

Now there is no need to plant the sapling for a week !!!

Note again - I have never asked you to put any hole in the pot !!! 

If you need still better growth of plant, use soiled water (that is left out after washing utensils) inside the pot !!! The post will act as a natural dip irrigation vehicle !!! 

And lastly, this method is already in practice in some areas of Gujarat !!!

General consumption of the plant would be n times more than the water consumed by this method !!! If we start consuming water like this, knowingly or unknowingly we may save very huge amount of water !!!

Try practicing it !!! Also direct your utensil waste to plants so that plants uses this water for their growth !!!

To implement this practice, it is not mandatory to be a farmer !!! Everyone of us can implement this in our water and conserve water !!!

Sorry guys, I can't keep up my promise !!! I can;t stay without pricing Mr. Modi !!! Hats-off Modi sir !!!

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  1. In Tamil Nadu is also, this kind of technique has been in practice. One Organic Farming concerned NGO is practicing such technique......really a great post

  2. How will the sapling get the water from the pot if it doesn't have a hole in it?