Sunday, 31 July 2011

22 - 27 !!!

A boy / girl gets employed at an age of 23 (average) !!! Girls get married sometimes before marriage or just a year or two after marriage !!! But boys remain bachelor for at least 3 - 4 years after getting a job !!! This post is a study about a boy who is employed, but unmarried !!!

An employed bachelor has only one commitment - friends !!!

Since, he is immediately out from college, he prefers friends more than any relation !!! Once he is employed, he never knows the value of the money !!! Obviously he sends some to his family, but the remaining money is often a misery !!! 

Money is spent mostly on enjoyment with friends !!! Generally any guy never maintains account between his friends !!! Its is just pay when you have basis !!!

If I have enough money in my hand, its my duty to spend today !!! I won't expect the money in return !!! But the next time when we go out some other guy may spend money - it may be half of the money spent by you or even double !!! But no one accounts it !!! Only enjoyment and fun matters !!!

Statistics says that near about 40 - 50% of a bachelor's money is enjoyment and fun !!!

One good sign is that, at this age - people realize the value of charity !!! 22% of the bachelors are said to spend money in charity !!! This is an encouraging sign !!!

It is also said that many guys with generous heart come forward to pay for their friend's education and for their friend's needs !!!

Lastly, when a guy is working along with 4 girls or when a girl is working with 4 boys - they are gifted with depression !!! Depression at the age of 20's is very destructive sign !!!

The individual starts doubting his own beauty !!! He stops being himself !!! In order to maintain his dignity and prestige before them, he begins to rehearse his day to day activity - there by he looses the confident on the self !!!

Also due to excessive money, many people also search enjoyment in form of drugs !!!

In my view, 20's is more dangerous than Teen ages !!! Parents wake up !!! Be in constant touch with your child where ever they are !!! Never make them feel idle !!! 

Never talk more about their salary and ask them to account !!! This will make them think you are crazy for money !!! Teach them money management mixed with love !!! Gift them a house or car and ask them to pay EMS !!! So that their money is totally not wasted !!!

If a man starts building assets at young age, it is surely going to help him a lot in future !!!

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