Monday, 1 August 2011

An Analysis !!!

Number of road accidents are increasing in exponential scale !!! In depth studies about this accident is yet to take place - this was my thought till yesterday !!! But I was wrong, a Government release today has made me change my views !!! This post is all about a detailed analysis of road accident being one of the biggest trouble factor in India !!!

Let me directly get into topic without any statistics !!! What makes Indian road dangerous ?!?! Are we driving at too much speed ?!!? I don't think so !!! Don't we have traffic related rules and laws ?!!? Nope, we have one of the best legal framework regarding traffic !!!

Then what contribute to our accident !?!? The answer is ANGER !!!

We people get frustrated on seeing the vehicles in jam !!! We people try to overtake in narrow gap, in order to  escape from jam !!! We opt for short cuts !!! We breach the rules, in order to save time !!!

Yesterday when I was on road, I saw a guy !!! He was about 20 years old and driving his vehicle at a speed of at least 80 Kmph !!! I am not sure whether he had in mind that he is driving in a road where there are 2 - 3 educational centers !!! He drove at such a speed, stopped at a shop and had a cigar !!! I don't think that travelling in 80 Kmph for cigar (in India) is advisable !!!

Probably he might have done this to grasp attraction of others !!! This is the second most contributory factor for accident !!!

Whenever a police man stops a motorist, he checks for his license, RC book of vehicle, insurance papers and at the maximum he could ask for helmet and PC !!! But in what way he could stop the accident ?!!? Only license doesn't mean that you are a competent driver !!!

Now what would be the solution for this !?!? How many cases are been booked for over speed every year !?!? Its merely countable !!! How many speed breakers are in proper form and are maintained properly in proper place ?!?! How many roads have zebra crossings !?!? How many signals are in working condition ?!!? How many roads are in good condition and how many roads have proper lighting !?!?

Can we wait for police personnel or Government to act on this !?!? If we jeep on waiting, one day or other we also would become a prey to road accidents !!! We have to take up this issue !!!

Spend at least one hour a say for your society and country !!! If you feel necessity of a speed breaker in your area, make an initiative of submitting a request letter !!! If you see your street lights not functioning, inform corporation !!! Just a small change in our life style could make huge difference !!!

If you find a faulty signal, report it !!! What ever appears in front of you, which could be a causation factor for accident - just report it !!! Share your knowledge at least with your house people / friends !!! Sometimes your report may have no action, but don't give up !!! A week later, mail again !!! You could notice some progress in positive side, for sure !!!

Unless we don't this and keep on pointing finger on Government - nothing is going to happen !!!

It is for you to think !!! We spend many hours for our entertainment, lets also spend one hour a week for our country !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Please find time to write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, INDIBLOGGER and DIGG, if we deserve !!!

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