Wednesday, 17 August 2011

South India Vs Mr. Anna Hazarae !!!

I feel there is nothing wrong in calling MR. Anna Hazare as "Father of Corruption free India" !!! 74 years old Ex- Military man is giving up everything he can for making India cleaner !!! But almost 50% of people in south India (especially Tamil Nadu and Kerla) are unaware of him !!! This made me write this post !!!

There are numerous freedom fighters in south India !!! But none of them are in Mr. Hazare's team !!! When whole of India is on streets to support him, south Indians are in home watching tom and Jerry between Jayalalitha and Karuna !!!

I searched for the reason !!! The first state which took active participation in supporting Kargil War is very silent now !!! Rewind few years back, during Kargil war - Tamil Nadu is the first state which took this issue seriously !!! People were on the roads to support militants !!! Huge amount of time and money was donated by Tamil Nadu people !!!

But now, why that is not happening !?!?

The main reason I think is that Mr. Hazare failed to include south Indian's in his team !!! There is not even a single person from Tamil Nadu or Kerla from his team !!! This lead to major communication gap !!! Mr. Hazare and all his team members are lecturing in Hindi, which is least understood in Tamil Nadu !!!

Secondly comes the media !!! Sun network and Star Vijay networks are famous in Tamil Nadu !!! Sun network is no doubt politically biased channel and Vijay tv has no news in its schedule !!!

Then comes negative publicity !!! There is a face given that Mr. Hazare belongs to north India and he fight only for north India !!! This is totally intolerable !!! He fights for whole of India !!!

Then comes awareness !!! Many of them are not told about Mr. Hazare's early carrier !!! Only very few who uses Internet might have known something about him !!! Leave Hazare !!! How many of us know about Jan Lokpal bill and its significance !?!?!?

Probably the language barrier is playing a crucial role I suppose !!! Media personnel who have capability to communicate to public in local language is not doing so, for their self benefit !!!

 The huge success which Gandhiji had was he had people from all parts of India to support him !!! Politicians know how dangerous it is, if everyone join together !!! Probably that is the reason they keep Mr. Hazare with in boundaries !!!

My suggestion is that, few supporters of Mr. Hazare can scatter themselves and reach all parts of India and organize rally and strengthen their team !!! Going to doors of people will make them feel the importance !!!

As rightly said by Mr. Hazare, it is like India getting second independence !!! The first one was bit easier because it was an external fight !!! This one is going to be more tougher because we are to fight with our own self !!! It is going to be a fight between our heart and mind !!!

Please educate people about Mr. Hazare and purpose of lok pal and its significance !!! To know more about both in detail, click here !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Please find time to write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, INDIBLOGGER and DIGG, if we deserve !!!


  1. Please write this post in Tamil and Malayalam, that will help! :)

  2. Sure ji !!! It is being done !!!

  3. @sunil deepak He dint say tat people in tamilnadu don't understand english. he said they don't understand hindi and why should they?

  4. I can say people are aware....we can see people raising voice supporting Anna in gatherings at place such as Chennai,coimbatore,salem,trichy etc.


  5. We were just discussing about south Indians support to Mr. Hazare and now they are in the movement !!! Super Star Rajnikanth to support Anna Hazare - don't forget entire Tamil Nadu is going to back him up !!!

  6. hope he will start getting support from southern part of India, very soon, as it is also part of united India...It is fact that there their actors need to come first & people will follow them because people worship them. Instead of staying in reality they prefer to stay in unreality.

  7. I can't fully agree your point !!! The reason why people stay away from the strike is not because of absence of their favourite actors, but because of lack of information !!! And a gentle remainder, during Kargil war, no actor ignited the effort of collecting money for soldiers !!!

  8. ANOTHER SOUTH INDIAN HATRED??? (you may be a south indian or even from TN). I came across your blogspot while searching for evening snacks. You seem to have no knowledge about Tamil Nadu (I dont want to comment on Kerala because I dont have COMPLETE knowledge) probably you read or browse only north indian news media which do not cover the support for Mr. Hazare in TN.
    1. To start with, there was a candle light support for Mr. Hazare in a stadium in posters, no announcements or any form of call to support him. Even then, thousands of people assembled in the stadium. This is even before the news media took up the issue for their own gain... and even before the proper Team Anna was formed.
    2. There were hundreds of peaceful marches, candle lighting, fast to name a few and many more ... even in remote villages.
    3. Many Tamil news papers and even local news papers carried articles in support of Mr. Hazare and support extended by the people of TN.
    4. Second freedom struggle? First one was easy?? This one fight between heart and mind? This shows your TOTAL LACK OF KNOWLEDGE... I have to write an article to explain my reasons.
    5. In TN, few people from an organization (which was formed to root out corruption) stood in the election...taking oath in front of the people of Coimbatore. Unfortunately, very few supported them...the selfish media which is taking advantage of this, did not even report about this...major tamil news paper reported this.
    6. I am from a family of freedom fighters... (I AM NO WAY CONNECTED TO COIMBATORE) I myself have participated in the fast and peaceful marches in support of the anti- corruption law. The support was enormous.
    7. Even though I support anti-corruption law, some points in Ms.Arundhati Roy's article in THE HINDU make lot of sense. (I am not here to debate about her intention or other things...but SOME of her points with respect to corruption (alone) are valid).
    8. I did not go through your blog (except this article)
    9. People were on the roads to support militants !!! ....ITS NOT MILITANTS, IT IS SOLDIERS....please correct it.
    10. This comment is not to harm you or others...but to bring out some awareness to people like you who are totally unaware of what is happening in south india esp TN.
    11. On a soft tome...hope you are not using this article with some intention.
    12. Please make sure to get the facts right 100% before writing in a blog and spreading in the internet.

  9. @Snacks Lover..."Super Star Rajnikanth to support Anna Hazare - don't forget entire Tamil Nadu is going to back him up !!! "...ENTIRE TN?????
    Are you crazy. Dont confuse common people with fans...Crazy fans are all over India and for many actors... not just for Rajnikanth. What a foolish statement that entire TN will back him up.
    Coming to actors supporting a Vijay flew down to Delhi to support and fast with Mr. Hazare. How many north indians are aware of this. Reason is north indian media never mention good things about south indians esp TN people.
    What all I have mentioned in my previous comments are just some facts for you and I can give thousands more...

  10. Thank you for your views !!! Will take inputs from your comments and keep in mind while writing future posts !!!