Friday, 12 August 2011

What makes man excel !?!?!

Everyone of us are special !!! I accept it !!! But there are some people who remain special to everyone of us !!! I am not going to mention names of those person - but one unique quality all those people had in common !!!

You are commissioner of an area !!! You see cattle movement more in your area !!! Because of this, more people meet with accidents or traffic gets staggered !!! What will you do to restrict cattle movement !?!!?!

90 / 100 people would have given idea of catching all cattle and leaving it out of the city or some of us might have thought about introducing barrier all along the road side !!!

This is what everyone of us would have done !!! But by doing so, cattle may come back very next day or week back to their area !!! Providing barrier all through the city is also not a feasible idea !!!

Once when a commissioner was asked to solve the problem - he simply walked with those cattle for one day !!! The strategy is to find out why exactly cattle movement is more in these area !!! He also got an answer that waste (garbage) are thrown here and cattle moves in order to fetch it !!!

Very simple !!! He shifted all the wastes out of the city next day and cattle also followed !!! Problem solved !!!

This is not a rocket science - bit identifying root cause !!! Many of us keep on attacking the effect, leaving the cause behind !!!

Gandhiji once stated that, he never fought for independence of India and supported south Africa !!! All what he fought was to achieve respect for individual !!! He wanted to eradicate the mentality that one set of people are higher and other category are lower !!! He never fought for freedom of India !!! Freedom was just bi product we got for free !!!

Mr. Ratan Tata also once quoted in an interview that his aim is to prove British that Indians can also excel and that gave birth to steel and hotel era in India !!!

Once Swiz was considered as masters for manufacturing watches !!! But Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation wanted to prove that Indians also can excel in this !!! Now we got a brand called TITAN which is internationally accepted !!!

All these people achieved because they just acted on root cause !!! If you work for name and fame (effect) succeeding rate is very low !!!

It is up to you to decide now to follow effect or cause !!!

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  1. Was really good !! Anandha (Hero of kryptonians) Really a good job,i appreciate for your works ! Hats off !!!

  2. Boss !!! I think its overload of credits !!! Thank you !!!