Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The famous means of transport !!!

Middle class people has only one means of private transport - Auto Rickshaw !!! But is this a safe mode of transport or at least does it ensures safety to auto drivers ?!!? Let's see in detail about this auto rickshaws !!!

Everyone of us know that gear system of auto rickshaw lies in hands of drivers !!! We people suffer some wrist pain even when we travel in our two wheeler !!! The reason is location of clutch and break !!!

But auto rickshaws have entire gear system in their hands !!! How painful it would be auto drivers, specially when they drive in traffic congested areas ?!?! Have we ever thought about it !?!?

It is really a pathetic scenario !!! When a person drives auto for around 5 - 10 years, he is more prone to wrist problem !!! The reason is availability of gear system in their hands !!!

Sometime before we discussed about a term called ERGONOMICS !!! The same lacks here !!! Prolonged exposure of auto drivers to such situations could cause them wrist related injuries which are not curable at all !!!

That too driving in metro cities (where traffic is more) almost ensures that everyone are affected by wrist pain !!!

Till now, statistics say that numerous accidents taking place inside city limits involve auto rickshaws !!! But till date, there is not much modifications done to ensure safety of driver and passengers !!! Without doing anything from our side, we keep our hope till alive that we would decrease the accidents !!! I am really amazed on seeing our false hope !!!

Auto rickshaw body is designed in such a way that, it could tilt on small external impact !!! The stability of auto rickshaw is below average !!! Even if it travels in uneven road - it has chance to get toppled !!!

This is the reason we could hear many people falling from auto rickshaws when they were traveling and also toppling of auto when it goes beyond certain speed !!!

I agree there are many advantages in auto rickshaw !!! It is cheaper than four wheelers and also mileage wise it is more efficient !!! People prefer it because of less fare !!! But the thing to worry is its less safety factor !!!

Auto rickshaw is designed for carrying 3 people and one driver !!! But we people sometimes even double its designed capacity !!! We also call it as an economic vehicle after doing so !!! I am amazed whether it is our innocence or negligence !?!?

Till date auto are not known for withstanding crash test !!! Driver is never in secured position !!! In case of any accident, his life is in at most danger !!!

I know that auto has become integral part of life and it could not be avoided at all !!! But it could be altered !!! Some minor alterations and proper usage could make it more safer !!!

Till we people decide and rise this issue, no one is going to bother !!! Last but not least - a statistics says 5/10 accidents taking place in city limit involves auto rickshaws !!!

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  1. even share auto.....
    even cheaper than auto...
    they dump people like anything,that too in peak hours..
    at least 15-20 heads per trip
    can you imagine foot board travel in share autos..horrible to watch
    Good post......

  2. Thank you !!! Share auto's are even more dangerous !!!