Monday, 8 August 2011

The live Example !!!

Many times in our life, our decision keeps on changing !!! What we think today as a correct practice, appears wrong to us the next day !!! But have we ever wondered how this might affect our dependents !!! This post is an interesting survey on this !!!

I am generally open to changes - we feel proud to say this !!! But change should be only to the new personnel !!! Its your character which serves as the identity (even today) to your past friends !!!

Let me share you an example I practically noticed a day before !!! A couple with two child were travelling along with me !!! One child is just 3 - 4 years old and other is 12 - 14 years old !!!

Elder child was given in responsibility of her dad and younger with mom !!! The way they treated their child was amazing !!!

Mom and girl were playing for few hours !!! After sometime, she forcefully made the child to sleep, even when the child resisted by saying that she is not sleepy !!! The deal was - if you sleep now, I will feed you with chocolate when you wake up !!!

We know that any child is fond of chocolate and so it to made an attempt to sleep !!! She started marching with his mobile and chit chats !!! When the girl woke up, her mom kept up the promise !!!

At the same time, I could notice some uncertainty in elder child's face !!! I started focusing more on him !!!

The conversation between the elder and his father was really very touching !!! The elder asked his dad, I could remember you and mom doing the same when I was young - but now you both never allow me to sleep asking me to prepare for school, entrance etc !!! 

Till now I listen and do to what you say !!! But please don't force my sister to do so !!! Try to understand what she wants to do and fulfill her wish !!!

I was really touched by these lines !!! We people (Indians) acted as leaders or role models for parenting !!! I would like to share a small story to explain significance of parenting in India !!!

This story happened before 40 years, when there was not much transportation in India !!! There lived a father and a son !!! They had their own car and his dad used to go to town (which is about 18 miles from their village) everyday !!! One fine day, dad wanted his car to be serviced !!! So he called his son along with him to town !!!

Whenever a person from village goes to town, he will be gifted with big list of demands !!! And the guy was also in peak of excitement !!! They reached the office !!! Dad handed over car to son, asking him to pick him up by 5Pm !!!

This guy handed over the car for service and then went for a movie !!! It is quite normal for a young person to go to movie, that too without knowledge of his parents !!! In this meanwhile, he forget the time limit given to him !!! It took 5.30Pm when the movie came to end !!!

He rushed to service center, took vehicle and picked up his dad by 6Pm !!! His dad asked reason for delay !!! The guy told that service station guys have delayed !!! The dad got down from the car and started feeling !!!

The reason is - dad has already called service station by 5Pm and got a report that car is ready but no one has come to collect !!!

The reason for his feeling was - What mistake I did in my parenting, so that my son could not share what he did with me ?!!?!?

He came by walk to his village (the whole 18 miles) !!! The son felt guilty and was riding car slowly along with his dad !!! This was the last lie that guy said in his life time to his parents !!!

The above story is of Gandhiji's grand son !!!

This is how we are known for our parenting !!! But in modern days, child is treated as a opportunity for parents to fulfill their dreams !!! This should change !!! Child is not a machine !!! You cannot fix what it should do !!!

We wanna our child to sleep by Sunday afternoon !!! But if the same child sleeps on Monday afternoon, we abuse or even punish them !!! Is it not crazy !?!?!?

How can we keep on changing the child's behaviour for our convenience !?!?

Even I have seen some parents changing the entire way of dealing with their child because of their neighbours !!!

If your neighbour cares more for his son, sits with him all time to complete his home work - and the child too gets first mark !!! We do the same !!! After some time you get a new neighbour who gives full liberality to his child - and that child too gets first mark in class !!! Immediately we change our style of parenting !!! From the very next day we become liberal !!! We get changed, but do we think about our child !?!?!?

Parents its all left to you !!! I have no age to advice you, but sharing my experience doesn't need knowledge. I suppose !!! If I was wrong anywhere or hurt you - please forgive me !!!

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