Saturday, 27 August 2011

I & YOU - A Dependency !!!

Human is a social animal !!! In this post there is nothing new !!! I have just shared happenings of our daily life and tried to extract a living concept from our lifestyle !!! This post summarizes about the inter-dependency of humane lifestyle !!!

Suppose I earn Rs. 10,000 - How much do I spend for myself ?!!?

If I account, I don't spend more than 20% of my salary for me !!! I send nearly 35% of salary to my home (dad, mom), 15% savings (for my future generation),10% for my friends and list goes on !!!

Is it not so strange ?!!? It is me who works all through the month - but I never enjoy my salary !!!

This is what our lifestyle is all about !!! We work more for our people / surrounding than our self !!!

Why we do so !?!? It is not because they spent money for us !!! It is not because they stay with us !!! It is not because they have lot of dream on us !!! But it is because THEY ARE THE ONE WHO RECOGNIZE US !!!

This sentence might be bit harsh !!! But it is the truth !!! If your parents are not recognizing you !!! They keep on scolding or ignoring you - you are not going to send money to them !!! This is the reason we don't pay for our enemy !!!

Every time I write the blog, I thank the readers for reading my post !!! It is not because you read the blog - it is because you recognized me !!! There are numerous blog spot, but you people have recognized me - so I thank you !!!

Every thing is like that !!! Two days before we saw a post about ME in You (to read click here) !!! The same applies here too !!!

We are so selfish !!! But we also feel for being selfish !!! This is because of heart and mind influence (to read click here)

Many of us feel proud that in my gang all my friends are closer to me !!! I agree !!! But just for a week, stop giving them your inputs (in the sense - money, time, etc) - the momentum will change !!! This is the reason behind many friends who were more closer in your college life, starts maintaining distance with you after you people departed !!!

It may not applicable to all people - but for most of the people !!! Since we have heart and mind pulling up and down - all these are bound to happen !!! As a human, we should accept these !!!

If I have hurt any of your emotions - I am sorry !!! But this is the fact of life !!! You could understand these philosophy in detail when you are alone !!! Just think about it and comment !!! Any suggestions are always open !!!

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  1. Your philosophy agreed......Let the so the called fact of life be hidden or forgotten, so that enjoyment can be obtained in full fledge....Too philosophical and over searching of truth is not good for health

  2. Gud analysis....Nicely said....