Saturday, 13 August 2011

Assumption and Knowledge !!!

We asked more and more questions when we were child !!! When we grew up, our questioning ability gradually gets decreased !!! Many of us never think about this !!! But we knowingly or unknowingly face many problems because of this change !!!

Many successful people interact more with children or young brain !!! The reason behind this is to break our assumption level !!! 

We people assume many things !!! Some times it is logical but some times this assumption act as a knowledge barrier !!!

In many movies we could have seen this scene !!! Generally young child asks more question to his / her dad and dad struggle to answer those questions !!! It is true in reality also !!!

We assume certain basic things and fail to research on those !!! Let me say you few common things which many of us generally neglect !!!

1. Rain water contains Vitamin B12 !!! Many of us know this, but we never bother to ask why B12 alone !?!?

2. Banana contains 75% of water !!! But what about remaining 25 % !?!?

3. We use 220V power supply, Americans use 110V power supply - but why ?!!?

4. Finger nails grow faster in winter - but why !?!?

5. We control our breath but it is impossible to kill our self by holding our breath !!! But have we researched on this !?

Just for example sake I have given 5 points !!! There are still lot more basic things which we fail to realize because of our assumption !!! One more thing is that all we assume is always not correct !!!

Probability of success in every assumption depends greatly on the knowledge you have on that subject !!!

But we people just keep on assuming on unknown subjects !!! Mainly when it is done by our colleague or competitor !!! Let me tell you one small example which you might have also faced n number of times !!!

Many times we might have assumed all person wearing red shirt as porter !!! When I was in school, I was given Khaki colour uniform !!! Many people assume us as conductor when we travel in bus !!! When my friend entered class (in college) for very first time, everyone stood up to wish him !!!

But have you wondered why all these happens !?!? The reason is pre-assumption !!! We have framed certain character in us !!! Something like a doctor should wear white or plain shirt, tucked in and always with  stethoscope !!! Some times we end up in wrong conclusion !!!

Science says that young students grasp more than adults !!! The reason probably is, young ones have lower assumptions than older ones !!! This is the reason for decrease in knowledge growth when we become older !!!

It remains me about a Zen story which says that "Empty the vessel before filling it" !!!

It is up to you to determine the volume to be kept empty for filling new things / ideas !!!

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  1. It was a "good-read". btw, there is a small typo error " It REMAINS me about a .." (reminds). Nice work :)