Sunday, 28 August 2011

Decision - A back up !!!

We have discussed more about decision making ability of people !!! But in this post we are to deal with something more interesting !!! Everyone have some points to back up our decision !!! But is it true for all !?!?

One of my friend calls me for a movie !!! I am not interested in going to movie !!!

What are the possible answers I could give him !?!!?

Yes or no !!! Very simple !!! If we say yes, there is no problem !!! If we say no, we begin to search for a convincing reason !!! I would prefer this reason - MY PARENTS WILL SCOLD ME !!!

But if the friend says that I will talk to uncle (your father), we will tell next excuse like relatives are coming to home !!! And this list goes on growing !!!

Have you imagined what is the reason behind this !?!? We have decided first and now we are finding back ups for our decision !!! This is what happens many a time !!!

It is a good principle to think and decide, but we people decide and then think about excuses which could strengthen our decision !!! This is a fact !!!

We do many things because our ancestors did !!!

Till date many people don't know why we are doing certain things !!! If we continue staying like that, those things will become superstitious practice and will be eliminated from our day to day life !!!

Let us take an example of breaking a coconut before start of the job or activity !!! I asked the reason to my colleague - he was not able to give convincing answer !!! He just said, my parents used to do - and so we too do !!! So this becomes superstitious practice to me !!! (If anyone knows the right answer, request you to post)

Like that, if we stop knowing the history or reason behind doing things, certainly those things are going to be outdated in near future !!! I could say numerous examples for it !!!

Many people say that superstition is more in villages !!! Probably the reason behind that will be - village people would not have given convincing answer for their deeds !!! But for sure, many thing we do have some reason or history behind it !!!

Since we decide to do and then search for back ups, we are not able to find out the right answer !!! Be a Socratics !!! Question everything before you do !!! If you are convinced, proceed doing it !!! If not search the answer till you get - this will help you learning more things !!!

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