Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Technology helps corruption !!!

Few years back, there was no mobile phones, no faxes and our world was moving in our speed !!! But now the technology has made World move more faster so that our people cannot cope up with !!! In this post, we will be seeing how this speed has seeded to corruption !!!

Though this technology don't have direct impact on corruption, it has some hidden impacts !!!

Since we get communication, entertainment, resources all at much high speed, we also started expecting our job to be done sooner !!!

Here comes the problem of unequal development !!! Half of Government organizations are fully computerized !!! Few are partially computerized and there are some fields which are totally manual !!!

To be very frank, compared to past - work time has reduced in various governmental departments !!! But there are few in which waiting time to get a job done, remains the same !!! Say something as application of Ration card or Registration office are still at slower phase because of partial / no computerization !!!

But the problem from our side is, we fail to realize the difference between those departments !!! We expect same phase of work from all departments (either computerized or manual) !!! And here comes a foreign factor corruption !!!

In order to speed up my job, I afford to pay something more than what other's pay !!! Say it as donation or gift or token of love or whatever !!! At first, we were paying to get our job done faster (voluntarily) !!! But as the time passes, officials started holding the files in order to make you pay and now corruption is integrated in our life !!!

This is the history behind corruption in India !!! Here we could see many people asking about their self benefit, if the job gets done !!! They forget to realize that their salary is paid only for doing our job !!!

Secondly, brain child of technology development is software industry !!! Those people get more money but very less leave !!! So they are forced to do their job in short duration, under all circumstances !!! Since they have money, the just shower it and encourage corruption !!!

Thirdly, people started comparing the earning of individual !!! In order to compete with salary of software person, many people get involved in corruption !!!

At first, imagine our mandatory requirements before 10 years !!! There was no mobile phones, no laptops, not much cosmetics and hence we were able to manage our family with what we earned !!!

But today, due to technical development - we spend lot and lot on electronic / technological items !!! Our expenditure on food, cloth etc could even be negligible if we compare our electronic / technology expenses !!! This is the fact that many people face demand for money and hence bribe takes birth !!!

Lastly, the SOMEHOW attitude !!! It is not mandatory that you follow the rules - but it is must to get your jobs done !!! In India, if you break the rules without knowledge of anyone - you will get a tap on your back !!! If you are caught, you are indeed to get a slap on your cheek !!!

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