Sunday, 21 August 2011

Opposition !!!

Imagine a life with out opposition - probably we would become mad !!! If a child gets all what it needs, there is nothing interesting left in its life !!! There should be certain things opposed from its father !!! Opposition is always a key factor because some time it acts as a competitor or a target on which we could act upon !!!

Selecting opposition is very important !!! If your competitor or opposition is very strong, naturally you are also going to be strong !!!

Let me give you a live example !!! Since Sharukh, Amir and Salman are competing with each other, we get quality films !!! If Salman started competing with some comedian or junior artist - he is not going to excel !!!

Strong competition or opposition helps our self to be more stronger !!!

This is more and more prominent when it comes to politics !!!

The reason I feel for domination of congress is poor opposition !!! There is no unanimous decision accepted in BJP !!! This is really pathetic !!! Such a big democratic nation has no strong opposition !!! Then how can we expect Law and Order !?!?

Anna ji was arrested for breaching 144 !!! Accepted !!! He was taken to Tihar Jail !!! Ramdev Baba was forcibly removed from Ram leela ground before few days !!!

FOUR sitting Mp's are in jail - for corruption !!! World's second largest corruption is now in India !!! Corruption rate has rocketed !!! Inflation is at its highest level !!! Fuel prices is getting hiked every 15 days once !!!

We can list many many things like this !!! But even today there is no trouble for UPA !!! The reason is very simple !!! If Congress is removed, who will rule !?!?

And who is there to rise voice against congress !?!? There is no one !!! And if the voice is raised,  it is not effective and powerful enough to change the Government !!!

Really I am worrying about our future !!! There is no one other than Congress to rule us or what !?!?

BJP should strengthen !!! Third party to emerge out !!! People should be given choice !!! Now it is almost king's Government or family Government !!! We are being ruled by congress by prime ministers of different names !!! But the master mind is same all through the period !!! It is Vinci family (So called Gandhi family) !!!

It is really pathetic people !!! I have read a story in Management !!!

Lions headed by mouse will loose and mouse headed by lion will be winning !!! The spirit of the team depends on our leader !!! And here the main problem is our leader !!! What is the use in having lions in team !?!?

Think people !!! This is the greatest challenge we have before us !!! And I am left with no answers !!! If you know any practicable solution, please share with us !!!

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