Thursday, 25 August 2011

The ME in YOU !!!

There is a concept called humanity !!! Many of us do some social services or some public deed which may not yield direct profit to us !!! But have we ever realized that there is always a ME in everything I do !!! This post may make you realize it !!!

Many people call Bhagavad gita as crime book since God tempted Arjuna to fight !!!

Hope those people might change their opinion at the end of the post !!!

Now, tell me one difference between Arjuna and Buddha !!!

Buddha hated war because it injures people !!! Arjuna hated war because it injures his people !!! Felt the difference !?!?

Arjuna is ready to kill people or fight with people - but not with his people !!! His people here refers to his brothers, guru etc !!!

Here comes the difference !!! The World is stuck in nepotism !!! Many people suffer in their day to day life because of Nepotism, but everyone of us still practice it !!!

In Gita, Krishna tempted Arjuna to fight, in order to kill his nepotism !!!

"If Arjuna pronounced that How could I kill people ?! War might injure many people and create panic, so I won't fight" - Bhagavd Gita would not be available with us !!!

We people are also like that only !!! If it creates loss to our close circle or our known ones, we think about it !!! But if someone else would be affected, we go at it !!!

If we analyse deeply, there is a ME in YOU !!!

Why I write blog everyday ?!!? To satisfy MY readers !!! Now you could have realized that this is not for social purpose - it is MY selfishness !!!

Everyone is like this !!! I pay for charity because people praise ME !!! They recognize the humane in ME !!! Everywhere ME comes !!! There is nothing done for society here !!!

For Anna Hazare, ME is entire India !!! India is MY country and Indians are MY people !!! So I fight against corruption !!!

For Someone else, MY brother, MY parents and MY son are MY life !!! I will do anything to keep them happy !!!

The radius of MY can change !!! But every human in this World always stick with MY/ME attitude only !!!

Only very few saints are exceptionable !!!

I don't want you to accept it at once !!! Take a paper and analyze why we do certain things in life and you will end up with MY in your answers !!! I tried it !!! You too try and find ME in YOU !!!

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