Monday, 22 August 2011

Bhagavad Gita to Hazare ji !!!

Bhagavad Gita is a sacred books for Hindus !!! If a child reads it, he/she will understand in their own perspective !!! The content of Gita differ from people to people !!! Now I found something more relevant to Anna Hazare ji and this could also motivate many of his supporters !!!

Firstly, let me confess - I am not expert in Gita !!! So if I commit any mistake, please forgive me !!!

Pandavas and Kauravas are in the field, ready to fight !!! That time Duryodana is describing the actual scenario !!!

He starts with Pandavas !!! Then he comes back to his team !!! He also says, Pandava team is so big and I am not so satisfied with our team !!! Even though number wise and strength wise (excluding Lord Krishna) Kauravas were strong !!!

I interpret this as Lack of Confidence on his own team members !!! Even though his team is more strong - he failed to realize that his team is strong and he is not satisfied with what he had and so he loose !!!

It was in Mahabharath time, that the person with some mixed (not pure) ideas had some dissatisfaction !!! But now, person who does illegal and un-parliamentary things are more satisfied and true and divine personalities suffer lack of confidence !!!

Now how this line could be interpreted to Anna ji !?!?

Though Anna's team is strong enough to face UPA government and even after they fight for truth and justice, we people are still not satisfied !!! We feel something is missing !!! Even many of us say, how can corruption be disintegrated from our life !?!? I don't think it is possible !!!

It is our today's problem !!! Belief !!! We never believe our self or others !!! We doubt in everything, mostly on other's capability !!!

See it is your heart which gives you satisfaction !!! Many of you would have rejected your job offer because you are not satisfied with the salary offered !!! But at the next moment you could see someone else getting appointed for the same job with same salary !!! Satisfaction changes with individuals !!!

This dissatisfaction is a cruel disease which directly gives you inferiority complex !!! Once you are inferior, you start blaming your luck, God and everything !!! Even if you get the best of the best, you won't be satisfied !!!

Many people purchase new dress only because they want others to ask about it !!! If no one asks about their shirt, they become dull !!! They determine their ability to select with other's perception !!! This is totally foolish !!! It is you who selected and wear !!! Why should you bother about everyone who sees it !?!?

People, corruption was not in our body or mind at time of our birth !!! Corruption is not going to be present in the burnt ashes of our body !!! It is the parameter which plays it role in the mean period !!! Anything which we acquire can be demolished !!! This is what Gita's fundamental too !!! What we bought with us, to take back with us !!!

So believe that corruption could be eliminated !!! Belief is the key to success !!!

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