Sunday, 14 August 2011

My first Movie Review !!!

There is a huge debate about movies - Whether it should communicate any social message or it is just an entertainment factor !!! But whatever you say, movie is one of the best way of creating awareness !!! That too if a top star, demonstrated 2 hours of good qualities - it will at lease open eyes of 100 people !!!

Recently, I saw a movie !!! It has no big star cast !!! The hero (boy) is also a new face !!! The movie was named as I AM KALAM !!!

I would like to share the impact that movie has created on me !!! First of all - Hats off to the director, producer and the entire crew for giving hope to crore of people !!!

Though the young boy is the hero of the movie, plot revolves around speech of our Ex - President A. P. J. Kalam !!!

I have never wrote review for any film, though I watch more and more movies !!! But this movie made me write !!! I would strongly recommend you to see this movie and also possibly share it with the people in your street ends or below poverty level !!!

The movie revolves around 4 principles of Mr. Kalam !!! I won't disclose the rest of story - I need you to feel the movie !!!

I am amazed why our top actors or directors are not ready to make such an attempt !!! Why can't our renowned personnel create confidence and motivation among people by creating such story lines !!?!?

We treat actors more than just an actor - I would request them to use their star value to create some awareness among public !!!

I agree - many stars have communicated many messages to their fans !!! Many people started respecting mother after Mr. Rajni did !!! Many people planted trees when Mr. Ajith did !!! Many people donated their body organs when Mr. Kamal did !!! (sorry guys all 3 actors are from kollywood !!!)

But what I want is a full length movie just for social interest !!! Just add some commercial elements in it, but take movie with less budget and expect less profit !!!

As it is shown in IDEA 3G mobile advertisement, we Indians have only Television for our time pass !!! So please don't use your star image for money alone !!! If you people canvas for a liquor company - many people are there to follow you !!!

India is a emotional country where people keep following you, once you have reached their heart !!! So please take them in right way !!! Take Mr. Sachin as an example !!! There is also Mr. Amir Khan who acts in advertisements for public interest !!! Many positive scenarios are happening !!!

But how many of us know about I AM KALAM !?!? Very few !!! The reason is lack of star casts !!! If any actor like Akshay or Amir or any star shared the screen for just 5 - 10 minutes, today this movie would have grossed more and more revenue !!!

Hope you people would agree that even a flopper of Mr. Rajni earns more than a national award winning movie (with less star cast) !!! The center of attraction is Rajni, then comes story and screenplay !!!

We are in country where hero is responsible for hits or flops !!! Where even people listen the songs for hero !!! So please use the belief we have on us and give us something productive !!! At least Twit about this movie or put it as your FB status !!! This will make many people watch this movie !!!

Final request (not only for heroes but for any person who can influence people) just keep in mind that some people believe you with no reason !!! So please never let them down !!! Letting them down is equal to your own fall !!!

Lastly, request readers to watch I AM KALAM (at least by downloading) and post their views about this movie !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Please find time to write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, INDIBLOGGER and DIGG, if we deserve !!!

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