Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Unique Mentality !!!

Adopt yourself to the environment - it is the quality what many MNC's prefer !!! But is this really a positive sign !??! What are the effect one faces just because of wearing a mask before others !?!

We could have observed huge difference in our friends during our college days and working period !!! Some may act more serious, some may even expect respect from you, some may behave in an official manner etc !!!

But many of us are not comfortable with one such friend and we limit our relation with them !!! This people are explicit example of adopting to the given environment !!!

Their friend circle remains same !!! If they have 5 friends in their college level, they will maintain 5 friends in office level also !!! But the problem is, when he shifts to office level, he forgets his college friends !!!

Many of us must have noticed and experienced it !!!

Let me tell you a typical example !!! I give you a mobile and you could use it for free all the time !!! How many people do you have to talk with ?!?! Note down the names of people and call them !!! Some people may be really busy, so that they could not attend the phone - but there is a gang which did not attend the phone because there is no need for them from you !!!

This is the real truth of life !!! Till our student life, everyone are equal !!! Marks could not differentiate to the extent money can !!! Once money enters the life, we start comparing the earning capacity of the individual !!!

If a person who earning thinks about it - he becomes prey to superiority complex !!! If a person who earns less thinks about it - he becomes prey to inferiority complex !!!

Indians are said to be the most depressed people in the world !!! The prime reason for this is comparison !!! When we see a person with a good dress, we compare our's with his !!! It starts from our birth and remains till our death !!!

We define winner in reference with looser !!! This tendency should change !!! All 1.21 billion people should emerge out as winners !!!

Never feel to talk with your friends since he / she is earning more / less than you or he / she is in lower post than you !!! This is also a type of discrimination !!! And if you decide to continue doing it - please don't use friendship to define your relationship !!!

Because friendship is the gift which never expects anything in return !!! Kill Ego, before you enter friendship !!!

Believe or not, a study from a psychological institute says that more than 60% of friends stay in relationship only with some expectations from their friends !!! Once their expectation is fulfilled, the relation breaks !!!

It is for you to think about !!!

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  1. Very nicely said...The word comparison starts from Childhood itself.Our parents start comparing our marks with bro/sister/friends performance.I guess because of this the comparison penetrated deeply into ones mind...

    With Regards,