Monday, 15 August 2011

Secret of success !!!

We all need success !!! But many of us think that  success is what time or God gives us !!! This is where the problem occurs !!! In this post we are to see about the real secret of success !!!

Imagine a foot ball match without goal post !!! Imagine a cricket match without stumps !!! Imagine an archery competition without target board !!! 

This is how our life would be without targets !!! All what we need is white collar job with hand some salary !!! Okay agreed !!! But how you are going to get it !?!? Do you want to work in IT sector or become an IPS officer or work in core industry or how you are going to achieve your spot ?!!?

 Many of us have no answer for this questions !!! Because we have no vision behind Engineers and Doctors !!!

For example, when some one asked me about my interesting field (where I need to work in future) during my college days - I had no answer !!! I just replied him, I can work where ever I get a job !!!

Not only me, many of you would have replied like me only !!! This is typical example of playing football without goal post !!!

We outsource many of our critical decisions (life changing) to others !!! Sometimes to people who we are not even familiar with !!! In interview, when interviewer asks you what field you are much interested in many people say you give me what I deserve sir !!! It is diplomatic to the core !!!

How can an interviewer judge your total abilities (better than you) in maximum 1 hour !??!

Probably the reason behind this is we want to blame our luck, if something goes wrong in future !!!

For example, we decide to go to our friends home (which is 15 Km far) !!! This is our target !!!

We can achieve our target by many means !!! We can reach with help of bus, or our own vehicle or by walk or by asking lift to other friends !!!

We have to decide the means of considering various plus and minus in it !!! If you choose bike, see whether you have fuel in it, you have proper license, helmet and vehicle is in running condition !!! 

For instance I choose to go by bus !!! I am late to bus stop and hence I missed the bus !!! This movement I start blaming my luck !!!

This is reality !!! We search for things and blame them !!! When we run over a thorn, we say that thorn has picked me !!! How can a thorn search you and puncture your leg !?!?! It is we who run over it !!! But we never accept the fact !!! This is one such fact !!! 

Understand the importance and specialty of life !!! Put these thoughts in your mind and use it in making your decisions !!!

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