Monday, 29 August 2011

Time pass or Emergency !!!

We are now dealing with some psychological issues in our recent post !!! In this post also, we are to discuss about friends and modern day friendship !!!

Nowadays friendship has become some sort of business !!! A concept of business friend has entirely ruined the show, I suppose !!!

To know what I say, just check your call register !!! Most of the calls your friends would have called you either while waiting for bus or walking alone or road or when they feel difficult to pass time !!!

This has become the trend - purity of friendship is being degraded !!! The relation which was said to be purely free from expectations is now been used only when there is some need !!! This is an alarming sign !!!

Or as always, friend is needed only in case of emergency !!! Of course, if I need some help from you, obviously I call you !!! There is nothing wrong in that !!!

But if I select the person who can help me and make me as a friend - isn't wrong ?!!?

I generally see many people using Mr. Ram Sir !!! Is it friendship ?!!? It is just to flatter that person !!!
Recently I saw some advertisement in television !!! The girl asks boy - can we be friends !!! The boy in turn replies that girls makes us spend more, so I don't want girl friend !!! That girl replies that now my favourite dish is at cheaper rate !!! Boy checks his purse, he had sufficient money and they became friends !!!

And most importantly, this adv was featured by two child artists !!!

I really can't understand with what intention they made this advertisement !!! But think about the kids who watch this adv !!! Won't a wrong message be communicated !!! Also I am tensed to see many people sharing that adv in their Facebook profile too !!!

We reap what we seed !!! If we seed like this, we are never going to the word friendship has to be redefined in future !!!

There is a reason why I selected this topic today !!! I was out to hotel yesterday with my friends !!! That time I saw a child with her family !!! The girl noticed someone known to her family and was calling her dad to inform about it !!! His dad politely replied - I saw him baby, but that papa has no work to be done with him now !!! We have to maintain some distance with such people !!! We can use him when we need !!!

Now, If I am growing in such a circumstances - How will I become in future !?!?!?

Its for you to think and decide !!!

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  1. Quite a thoughtful post...I really appreciate your concern about friendship being degraded....

  2. Since they started marketing Friendship, it has degraded in real life as well!

  3. Truly said....Some Adds degrading the concept of friends...