Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Controversial Post !!!

I know that this post would create more controversies or earn some opposition too !!! But thought of sharing my thoughts - because it might create revolution, if you people think in my point of view !!! Please don't mistake me as an anti religious person !!! It is a thought of a person who wants to eliminate poverty in India !!!

Life is a mixture of good and bad happenings !!! But in all those situations, we waste many essential resources knowingly or unknowingly !!!

For example, think about the akshat (rice/ anaj / arisi) which is used in Marriages !!!

Tons and tons of rice is wasted every year due to this !!! India is an agricultural country !!! But still we have crores of people who struggle for one time meals !!! In this situation how could we allow these huge amount of rice getting wasted !?!?!?

On an average nearly 5Kg of rice (at least) is wasted in every marriage in the form of akshat !!! I agree - it is a form of blessings !!! But real blessing comes from heart, not from akshat !!! I am sure there might be a reason behind this - but I am more concerned towards the hunger people who can feed on this !!!

Recent survey report says that if these wastage are minimized, we can reduce the poverty rate considerably !!!

We are in a country where rich gets richer and poor gets poorer !!! This is applicable for God also !!!

There was no AC in any temple before 10 years !!! Now almost all rich temple has AC !!! Did God asked it or Man needed it !?!? I don't think any God will complain on absence of AC !!! God is same, even if temple is made of clay or marbles !!! But we people scale the difference !!!

Everyone (even Government) speaks about the cooked wastes(food remains) of the function !!! They never bother to discuss the topic which I took up now !!! The reason is, they know that it might hurt some religious feeling and their vote bank may get slaughtered !!!

I agree uncooked wastes are negligible when compared to food remains !!! But there is at least some percentage of utilization of food remains, but it is zero in these type of wastes !!!

I need people to think about this !!! I feel that you could get more blessing than what you get in akshat - when you donate that rice to people in need !!!

Forgive me if I have hurt your feelings !!! But I would request you to think about this when you are free and calm !!! I just want you to think in direction !!!

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  1. I think you have talked about it earlier...Excellent post.....it was the custom designed in ancient days when there is proper rainfall, good yield and very less population...Now the population rate hits the billion and going beyond that....The rainfall is erratic...In this circumstance, it is a big challenge to meet out food demand for the growing population.....Really it is a matter of concern to be thought by the youngsters.....

  2. Thank you !!! Please share this idea to all because this is blind spot till date !!!