Friday, 19 August 2011

History of Jan Lok Pal !!!

Many of us are mislead as far as lok pal has been considered !!! Some say Government Lok pal is the best version !!! Some say whatever Anna says is right !!! But in this post, I have tried to brief you about significance of both the lok pal - in a simple manner !!!

Let me start with a moral booster !!! People say that corruption has become integral part of India and it could not be eliminated at all !!! But Anna ji quotes example of Honkong !!! Once upon a time (till 1972) it was known for its corruption !!! But it is a country with least corruption index !!! All because of single agency, which students of Honkong fought and achieved !!!

People in Egypt gathered on the streets to create history !!! Why can't we !?!?

Now let me explain chronology of sequence happened with Lok pal !!!

Anna ji and his team read through all the legal part with deal with corruption and came out with framing a new bill called Lok pal (modified version) by Dec 2010 !!! This version has been reviewed 14 times till date !!! A web page was created where people can share their views about lok pal !!! Nearly 3000 suggestions flooded in !!! Best of them were implemented in Lok pal bill !!! Since this bill was prepared by people, it is termed as Jan Lok Pal !!!

A copy was sent to PM, Sonia Gandhi and they had no reply !!! Then they met all politicians for support, but everything was in vain !!! This made them to involve in hunger strike !!! This is mainly to grasp attention of people and Government towards them !!! And they succeeded in huge scale !!!

After hunger strike, Government came forward to talk with Anna's team in framing lok pal !!! Government asked 5 representatives from people side, to Anna !!! 5 people were nominated !!!

Here comes the turning point !!! People against Lok Pal started questioning, how can Anna ji select representatives !!! Is it not crazy to ask so ?!?!!?

Then the discussion started between representatives and Government representatives (ministers) !!! Anna's team wanted the discussion in any of the public platform, so as to increase transparency !!! But they were in vain !!! Anna's team was also not allowed to attend press meet after the discussion !!! TV channels were not allowed to telecast them !!!

Finally a bill was framed !!! But it was by the Government, for the Government and of the government !!!

Anna's team was totally unhappy with the bill !!! Now they are back to April month !!! They are back to hunger strike !!! They want some serious changes in Government's Lok pal bill !!!

But Government very cruely said that Anna is demanding for parallel Government !!! Here comes few significant point of Government Lok pal and Jan Lok pal !!!

There are 1.25 Crore state and central Government employees in India !!! But only 65,000 people will be covered under Government Lok pal !!!

If a citizen files a complaint of corruption against any official, Government employee will proceed to court with free advocate !!! If the crime is not proved, the petitioner will get minimum of 2 years imprisonment !!! If crime is proved, Government employee will get minimum of 6 months imprisonment !!!

Prime Minister, Judiciary (Judges) are kept out of Govt. Lok pal !!!

MP, MLA, Ministers are kept out of Got. Lok Pal !!!

Selection process of Lok pal members won't be done !!! 6/ 10 members will be politicians !!!

Govt Lok pal is just an advisory body !!! It won't be given any power of enforcement !!! It can submit its recommendations, and its drive stops here !!!

It is like a bill passed to encourage people for taking bribe and assuring them that they won't be caught at any circumstances !!!

Keeping in mind, the length of the post, let me conclude here !!! For those who really wanna know more about Government and Jan lok pal, click here for video and click here for presentation !!!

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  1. Hazare ji-emerging folk hero of India-Rocking....

  2. This is really informative. Now i feel why team Anna refused Govt Lok pal bill

  3. @ Shyam: Thank you ji !!! Tomorrow we will try to provide you the best of information about Mr. Hazare !!!

  4. Nicely explained...