Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Maturity !!!

Maturity is not just answering all questions but it is to select right question to remain unanswered !!! Obviously its a fact !!! In this post we are going to see about maturity in a bird's eye view !!!

Many people recently questioned Anna Hazare - where was this person till age of 74 !?!? He didn't fight for corruption till date, why is he doing now ?!!? Does he have any linkage with UPA or BJP etc !!?!

To answer all their question precisely - He got maturity about JANLOKPAL at the age of 72 and hence he is fighting for this at this age !!!

Buddha was not born !!! He was made !!! He too involved himself in historic war !!! But an empty war field changed his mentality and made him Buddha !!! So can we say that Buddha acted for fame and name !?!?

Many times, we could feel it in ourselves too !!! One decision which may appear correct to us today might not satisfy us tomorrow !!! It is not that we are not steady - it is our maturity which brings the change !!!

Why we go for experienced cricketers in test match !!! We want Rahul Dravid in test match, but we prefer Raina in T20 !!! The reason is simple - Raina is not as matured as Dravid !!!

The real time example of Maturity could be our Indian Skipper M.S. Dhoni !!! He was inducted into team for smashing every ball to boundary !!! But on date, he is playing role of anchor in one day matches !!! I would even say he plays role of Dravid (never mind the style) !!!

This is what maturity is !!! But he was commented heavily for this !!! Every media was covering news about his fitness !!! Reports stated that Dhoni forgot playing cricket shot !!! But it was his maturity which helped India in World Cup final !!!

The simple example of immaturity could also be demonstrated in World cup final itself !!! Gautham Gambir !!! He has lost his patience when he was about to reach his 100 !!! He came down the track - such a poor shot !!! There was no need doing that !!! But he was not matured enough to handle pressure at that time !!!

I would really appreciate Dhoni's decision of promoting him up the order - because Yuvi and Raina could be tempted easily than Dhoni !!! This is one of the characteristics of maturity !!!

You could prove your dominance !!! You could show your anger and frustrations - but at right time !!! Wait for the time to come !!! The typical example for this is - Dhoni finishing the match with big 6 !!! It is nothing but to prove dominance !!! But if he attempt this shot at very first ball probably he might have failed !!! He waited for the chance and he ended it up !!!

Now in short, Dhoni is now second most favourite player in Indian cricket !!! If he was just a pinch hitter - could he reach this status !!?!? Obviously not, this is the difference between matured and immature !!! Matured seems to be declining but they are getting promoted day by day !!!

Just took example of Dhoni to communicate things easily !!!

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