Saturday, 3 September 2011

Party effect - Alcohol Special !!!

I could remember Shakespeare's statement about life - World is a stage and we all are actors !!! Need to agree it !!! We all are good actors - we even make the world believe that this is our original character even !!! But in this post, we are to share some social effects of alcohol !!!

In movies we could have seen this !!! Hero drinks alcohol and do some rubbish !!! Next day morning he becomes normal man - we treat it as a comedy scene !!! But what is the scenario if it happens in reality !!!

Everything should be in controlled way !!! If control exceeds, the real face of us comes out !!!

Let me take a small case to explain !!! I am your reporting officer !!! We both went for a party together !!! I drank to the core and started blabbering something, whereas you have not even swiped alcohol !!! You see all my activities !!!

The next day, how could I command you !?!? Won't you get the happening of yesterday in your mind !?!? Will you give me the same respect which I had till yesterday night !?!?

It is really a thing to be taught about !!! But lets now look at other prospective of this !!! What do people do, once they are drunk, beyond limit !?!?

Simple, they stop acting and behave real !!! Now the mind takes rest and the man begins to speak with his heart !!! Speaking a lie at drunken condition is very difficult !!! There would be some hidden anger in us !!! Probably a year before, you might have teased me before girls or you might have slapped me !!! At that point of time, I acted as if I took it lightly !!!

But after drink, I will will ask you the reason of why you did like that ?!!?!? This is because, all our hurts, pleasures come in our mind when alcohol is in !!!

Then let me ask you a logical question now, is it wrong to stop acting !?!? Of course, it is not wrong to stop acting - but it is wrong to stop acting only under influence of alcohol !!!

If you analyze, alcohol makes us forget our prestige and status !!! It is really good !!! But once alcohol effect comes down, prestige and status comes back in our life !!! So there is a shift in character experienced !!! This shift in character portrait you as dual personality and hence your respect gets decreased !!!

Your subordinate even will reduce the respect on you !!! More than health effect, alcohol result in severe status and prestige damage !!!

So, now we have two solutions to avoid our dual character !!!

1. Always drink and stay under influence of alcohol, ever !!!
2. Stop alcohol and keep acting always !!!

Now choice is up to you to select the best option !!! But please take into consideration about health effects of alcohol too !!!

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