Friday, 23 September 2011

Stories which were impressive !!!

Thanks to electronic media !!! We receive many good information via emails, nowadays !!! I received some short stories from some of my friends - which I thought of sharing here !!! Forgive me, if you are already familiar with these stories !!!

We all are familiar with stories from the beginning of our life !!! Most of us grow us by hearing stories, indeed !!! Now without any delay, let me share the stories !!!

1. There was a professor, who came to class with a empty flask (transparent) !!! He wanted students to listen his activities and answer his questions !!! He firstly, put 5 - 6 golf balls inside the flask and asked the students, whether the flask is full !?!?

Everyone agreed "Yes, it was" !!! Then he added small pebbles in the flask and again raised same questions to the students !!! This time also he got the same answer !!!

Now, again he poured some sand followed by 2 cups of coffee in the flask and asked the same question !!! Indeed, the response was same for all the questions !!!

The students laughed at the professor for this questions !!! This happened, till professor framed an analogy between life and the jar !!!

Golf balls are our important things - Family, God, Children, Friends, Health etc !!!

If nothing else is there is flask also, the flask remains full !!!

Other things like pebble, sand and coffee are our small angers, emotions, fear etc !!!

If we prioritize these small things, there won't be enough space left to fill the golf ball (that is your family, friends and health) !!!

Decision is yours - fill what you deserve more at first !!!

Let me finish this post with one more small story !!! Japanese were fond of fresh fish !!! But they were not able to get it !!! They used to export fish from greater distance, which made the fish cold and old !!!

They even tried about transporting the fish alive with water !!! But this too can't satisfy them !!! Do you know what they did to solve this problem ?!?!

They simply put a small shark in the container along with many fish !!! Now the fishes were running for their life and hence they were fresh !!!

Even fishes remain fresh, when exposed to challenge - How about us ?!?!?!

Nothing in life is a trouble !!! Take everything as a challenge and come out with flying colours !!!

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