Friday, 9 September 2011

Happy to Sad !!!

Happiness and Sadness are part of our life !!! We people wish to be happy always !!! Ironically this wish makes us sad sometimes !!! Today's happy moments becomes tomorrow's sad moment and vice-versa !!! This post is a research on this topic !!!

In our childhood we enjoy the World !!! For example, when I was one year or six months old, I kept smiling on seeing many things !!! There was no comedy or special happenings needed to make me smile !!!

But as my age increases, I begin to think - why should I smile !?!? I limited my smiling !!! I restricted myself by thinking about the problems / hurdles in front of me !!!

To be more clear, I saw my dad and laughed at the age of ONE !!! But when I become teenager, I start avoiding my own dad !!! This happens in everyone's home !!! The things we loved a lot, becomes the things which make us anger !!!

But no one really thinks about why it is happening ?!?!

Let me tell you more practical example of how happiness and sadness comes in our life !!!

You are about to get your exam result today evening !!! This will make you sad from morning !!! You saw the result, successfully passed the exam with good percentage !!! This made you happy !!! Then some of your friends call you and you get to know that they scored more than you !!! This makes you sad again !!!

This is life !!! Happiness and Sadness are present in every step of life !!!

At young age, we were not aware about these universal concepts and hence we were happy !!! As we grow, this World makes us think that happiness means victory and sadness means loss !!! Hence we constraint ourselves in a circle and remain sad !!!

Everyone will be having their own friends circle !!! You could always see, a guy who talks more jovially and see happiness in worse situation will be center of attraction in any group !!!

I would like to share a small story here !!! Once one person was travelling on a car !!! His car met with accident and got tilted upside down !!! He somehow escaped with minor injury and was relaxing near the car !!! One person came and questioned him - Sir what happened ?!?!

If we were there, probably we would have abused him !!! But that gentle man very coolly replied that, My car is having back pain !!! So its kept upside down !!! Once it is resolved, I will continue my journey !!!

This is nothing but enjoying life !!! He has never missed the opportunity of enjoying the accident even !!!

If we people also try to take positive and funny things out of every incident, we would enjoy our life !!!

Its worth saying that, Life is to live !!! So live with happiness !!!

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  1. hapiness and sadness are part of ourlife !!! We peoplewish to behappyalways!!!

  2. What is it with all the exclamation marks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!