Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Carry bags - A public view !!!

Recently Government has made it a point that you are not going to get carry bags in shopping malls !!! This has seen some positive and many negative voices !!! This post is the summary of collective views about this scheme !!!

Firstly, big thanks to Government for taking some serious actions on environment !!!

Many of us never care about taking carry bag with us while marketing !!! Actually speaking, we are practiced like that !!! This act by Government makes many middle class people carry bag with them while marketing !!!

But one of my friends asked an logical question !!! Why should we pay Rs. 3 and purchase a bag with your company name ?!?!? If you are going to sell bag for money, sell it without company name !!!

Actually he was right !!! I just added a point to debate !!! I asked him, whether this Rs. 3 or Rs. 5 bag (depending upon the size) is environment friendly ?!?!!?

The shop keeper said us, sir you talk to our management !!! We are asked to do so and we are doing !!! When we approached their management, we came to know that these covers are not environment friendly and these are the same bags which they used to issue few days back !!!

So logically speaking, this increases profit of the shop by huge margin !!!

There is another positive side that, people think about spending money for carry bags !!! But this Rs.3 doesn't make big difference in big shoppers mind !!! Obviously, middle class people who purchase on regular basis start thinking about this !!!

But I would still appreciate, if the cover given on charge is of recyclable polythene !!!

Next, why Government is attacking on consumer end !?!? Why can't they force shopping malls to issue Cloth bags for all their customers !!! They could even impose penalty on the malls, if they fail to obey these rules !!!

I would even agree if the malls sell this cloth bags for cost !!! I have seen some clothing shops in my city giving covers depending on the amount we purchase !!! If we purchase for Rs. 100, we are going to get polythene covers and if we are going to purchase for more than Rs. 500, we will get cloth bag !!!

Why can't same system be implemented here, with some modifications ?!!? Malls can charge for people who shop below certain amount !!! They can complement bags for those who purchase in bulk quantities !!! Also Government shall ban the products which are packed in polythene covers !!!

It is also funny part to have all our products packed in polythene covers and one day may come when these manufactures can also demand extra money for packing it in polythene !!! Actually it is their problem !!!

But the major disadvantage of doing so is, government will loose support of global mall owners !!! They may start agitating against them !!! So better attack people !!! They have no option except to abide what Government says !!!

Tell me honestly, how many of us calculate exactly and purchase !?!? We don't even bother to see bills !!! We just swipe our card !!! Then we check the bills in sms received !!! Is this Rs. 3 going to bother us !?!? Definitely it is a good move, but this applies only for limited circle of people !!!

To be frank, its an mixture of concern of environment and vote bank !!! It is partially acceptable to charge for covers but it is totally unacceptable to give us the same cover which we got for free few days earlier !!!

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  1. I would suggest shopping malls to issue bags made of jute/paper/cloth....

  2. The main intention on imposing cost on plastic bags is to make people to say " No for plastic bags" apart from it fetches an income to the owners....In environmental point of view, the disposal of the plastic bags such a nuisance, about what many researchers are raising noise for stringent regulations to control plastic pollution....The owners of making money out of the negligence of people and lack of awareness of people.We cannot blame them for it...Indirectly, they are doing at least some good to the environment..Now the ball is in our court, either we should not pay say "no plastics" or paying extra penny for plastic covers and giving extra profit to owners....The 1st choice is will favour the environment and the second will favour shop keepers.....Both are good indeed....

  3. But I don't understand why there is no restriction on owner's side ?!?!

  4. Why should they be restricted? Actually many environmentalists are raising voice to ban the supply of plastic bags....Or else at least impose cost so that consumption might be reduced....this is the concept.... we have the rights to say that we don't want to pay extra....But we dont have rights restrict the owners, its their own business technique to earn more..... we people need the awareness......

  5. For additional information regarding plastic Vs JUTE/PAPER bags: http://www.davidkrohn.net/what-are-the-impacts-of-plastic-paper-and-jute-bags-and-which-is-the-most-environmentally-friendly/