Monday, 5 September 2011

Teacher - an eye opener !!!

Probably the only person(other than parents) who feels proud when you are more intelligent than them is your teacher !!! On this occasion, let me thank all my teacher - who shared most of their knowledge and time in shaping me !!!

We are the kings and queens of the future - but the teachers are KING MAKERS !!!

We always don't realize value of teachers when they are with us !!! But when we look back our life, we couldn't have imagined a life without few teachers !!!

Education gives you the maturity to face life and teachers makes you mature !!!

To be very honest, many of us have teachers as hero (next to our father) !!! We look at them as our role models and we begin imitating them too at times !!!

A teacher takes all shapes in our life !!! If we love a particular teacher, we start loving their subject !!! So teachers act as our second parents too in very many occasions !!!

In India, we have acute shortage of skilled teachers !!! Now the trend is that, any girl (who scores average mark) will join teacher training institute and work as a teacher till she gets married !!! She also have no objection from groom side - even if she continues to work after marriage !!!

This has become a business !!! In under developed states, student teacher ratio is threatening us !!! Knowledge level of some teachers are also shocking us !!! Recently, in one news channel they interviewed a class teacher from Bihar school !!! She was not even aware about that India got independence !!!

This is where we are !!! We people think that teachers only should teach !!! The fact is we don't have that much time left with us !!!

We talk about JANLOKPAL, SUPREMO POWER etc etc but some of our Indians are still striving for basic knowledge !!!

Our Government says, Focus on our strength !!! Agreed, but what about our weakness !?!?! We need not worry about our weakness, but we also could not leave our weakness to remain as such !!!

Literacy rate is our biggest weakness !!! On this auspicious occasion, lets take decision of spreading our knowledge to others !!! This will serve India a lot and reduce her burden !!!

To be very honest, knowledge expands when you share !!! When you share something, you may face some new questions, which will make you learn few more concepts / answers !!! Your depth in subject will increase !!!

Thanks to all my school, college, institutional friends who acted / acting as my virtual teachers !!! Obviously, it is impossible to imagine a life without all you people !!! Finally, thanks to all the failures that I faced till date !!! They made me realize my mistakes !!!

Now its your time guys !!!

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