Thursday, 29 September 2011

Action Vs Reaction !!!

Action is a process produced by nature or itself !!! Reaction is an idea evoked by some experience !!! In short action is independent !!! Reaction is dependent !!! Scholars says that it is always better to act to an situation than to react !!!

Reaction adds to frustration and anger !!! Let us take a small example of how things changes because of this !!!

I am to attend a conference today !!! I got ready in my favourite dress !!! Mom invites me for breakfast !!! By mistake, she spills sambar in my dress !!! Now I have two options !!! Act or React !!!

If I want to react, I have to scold her !!! After scolding she may get hurt !!! I may spend few time in scolding and then changing dress - which will make me late to conference !!! When I am late, I drive more faster than I do usually !!! So I may meet with accident !!! I may forget few point to be discussed, because of tension !!! 

When I come back home, my Mom may not be casually talking with me !!! I may miss my Mom's love and care for some time, which is invaluable !!!

If I choose to act, I will just go to my room and change the dress !!! May be I can just ask her to be more careful from next time !!! This will also make me a successful person all over !!! I will be on time, I will be presenting better and most importantly my Mom will be happy !!!

Going in detail, these reactions degrade our body and mind !!! They make us tensed !!! Our blood pressure raises and we become more emotional !!! 

Because of reacting, we forget an universal truth that - "Everything happenings in this World cannot be controlled by us" !!!

Also by reacting, we cannot avoid the happening, because reaction is itself the action taken after a happening !!! The two second time period after any process decides whether we are going to act or react !!!

These two seconds is very crucial !!! Sometimes it may even lead to disaster !!!

On this, World Heart day I wish all people to have a healthy heart !!! For that the crucial decision we should make is either to act or react !!!

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  1. Nice illustration.....

  2. You have write a good blog. In a reaction, I have write this comment. :)