Sunday, 25 September 2011

Technology Trap !!!

Technology is growing in a rapid phase !!! We are so happy in enjoying positive side of this, at the same time it is necessary to have an idea about where we could be trapped !!!

Many of us use Debit Card !!! Nowadays ATM card itself acts as debit card and hence this card is almost everyone's hand !!! But banks like ICICI questions the security of these cards !!!

Are you aware that your debit card never asks for pin number while swiping in malls ?!?!! Many of us never sign in the strip given backside !!! None of the shop keepers bother to check for the sign and compare it with the one in Customer's copy too !!!

Banks says this is to speed up our shopping process !!! But what would happen if I misplace my card ?!?!!?

Experts says that banks do so to force customers to shift to credit card !!! In credit card, pin number is mandatory !!! We all hear a lot about credit card everyday !!! Recently one of my known person was trapped !!! He was asked to pay Rs. 35000 as credit card bill !!! The fact is till date he has not received the card even !!!

Now come to internet banking !!! There are few sites which pretend to be original !!! Always it is must to ensure a lock symbol and https keyword in your address bar before entering confidential details !!!

Recently I came across a page of RBI !!! It was a fake one !!! Page has a heading of "Check your ATM provider" !!! The page asks for your card number, name, expiry date, date of birth, pin number, account number, bank name, bank branch etc !!! Once you enter all these data, be sure your account is gone !!!

One more recent problem experienced is trapping of ATM cards in ATM machines !!!

A trap made of X-ray film is placed in ATM machine's card slot !!! Once you insert your card - it gets stuck inside !!! Person who sets the trap approaches as a gentle man to help you and tries to get your pin number by asking you to enter it !!! Once it is done, he begins convincing you that card will not come out and you need to report bank about it !!!

Once you leave the place, he removes the trap !!! Card comes along with the trap !!! He is now aware of your password too !!!

In case if your card gets trapped, just check for some trap sort of thing in the slot !!! Probably you may find the glued area and retrieve your card !!!

Everyone has a reason for theft !!! Everyone needs money !!! Our desire towards money makes us use our science and technology against wise deeds !!! It is advisable to be careful from our side !!!

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