Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Pendulum in us !!!

Yesterday I happened to see one old Tamil movie in which a dialog pronounced was (translated in English) "The animal which is awake in you is sleeping in me !!! Don't poke and awake it !!!" This is the inspiration behind this post !!!

Let us start with a day to day example !!! Mom is playing with her child !!! Mom says, don't touch the remote !!! Baby touched it and takes it close to its mouth !!! Mom instructs 4 - 5 times !!! Baby repeats the same !!!

Once the limit exceeds, mom gets up from her place - plucks the remote from baby and probably give him/her a slap !!! This is very common and it would have happened with everyone of us !!!

This is what is mentioned in that dialog (above) !!! The baby has made the animal in mom awake !!! Animal took mom as prey and attacked the baby !!!

In simple, there is an equal portion of God and Animal in every one of us !!! If we use God more, animal stays quiet and waits for opportunity !!! When God pause for a minute, animal starts acting !!! The same is applicable for animal dominance also !!!

Mom was God !!! She would be the first person loving her child !!! But for a instant, the God in her was distracted and hence animal occupied the stage !!! This is applicable for all of us !!!

This is why we say, if saint people gets anger - it is difficult to tackle !!! They utilize more of God in them !!! So there is animal sleeping unused !!! When God in them takes rest, animal will act for all the period it took rest !!! ie. if the person was saint for 10 years, he would not have given chance for animal to woke for 10 years !!! So in this instant, animal would try to cover its 10 years anger at once !!!

This is why, the intensity of anger is more when saints or good people get anger !!!

And let me tell you one thing !!! The permanent animal acts less compared to the temporary animal !!! ie. you would not expect love from lion / tiger !!! You will always be cautious of it !!! Similarly you would expect more love from bad people !!! You just fear on them !!! So if you get trace of love from them, you will be surprised !!!

The same is applicable here also !!! You would expect more love from God, when you see animal in them - you are shocked !!! It hurts you more, because you have got something which you never thought about !!!

This is philosophy of life !!! I know it is a wage and vast subject !!! But this is what everyone of us deal in our day to day life !!!

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