Saturday, 17 September 2011

Question - Answer !!!

Do all questions have answer ?!?! Probably yes !!! But do all questions have only one answer !?!? In many cases, there are numerous answers for a single question !!! There are many factors deciding the answer !!!

Let me start with a story !!! Two people went to meet a Guru !!! They both asked him the way to reach heaven !!! Guru replied them !!! When those two people met outside, they broke into argument !!!

The reason is, for first disciple, Guru instructed him to lead his family life happily to reach heaven !!!

For second disciple, Guru instructed him to do tapas to reach heaven !!!

Now when they both met outside, one person says that living happily with family is better and other argues that doing tapas is better !!! They both decided to meet Guru together !!!

Guru smiled and said them, both of you wanted to reach heaven but the first one was more biased to his family commitments and the second person had an idea that heaven can be reached only through tapas !!! I never said anything wrong, I just guided you as per your approach !!!

This is the thing to be noted - APPROACH !!!

A famous poet who wrote 1330 Tirukural also explains this in style !!! He has written about Fate in two dimensions !!! In first part he wrote that Fate is nothing but it could be overwhelmed !!! In second part he wrote, fate cannot be overwhelmed, it shall be accepted !!!

Why !??!

There are lot many people with lot many attitudes !!! Poets, Saints should cover everyone !!! So their answer depends mainly on the questioning person !!!

For those who see horoscope and spend full day in home without doing anything constructive - Fate could be overwhelmed !!! Come on Work !!!

For those who worked day night but don't get fruitful result - Fate always wins at last !!! Anyhow your hard work can never be compromised !!!

In our daily life, we too have practiced it !!! When our friend comes 4th in race by just fraction of seconds, we cool him by saying second phrase !!!

For instant, if your housemaid asks about your routine job in office - will you explain all protocols, operating systems etc !?!?!? You will keep it in simple !!! If the same question is raised in interview - our answer will be totally different !!! We will try to cover all what we do !!!

So our answer differed with the situation and personnel !!! You should not judge my ability when I speak with housemaid !!! At the end of the day, it is important for the questionnaire to understand the answer !!!

So keep this in mind !!! Interpret the sentence which suits you !!! Misunderstanding / problems arises only which such concepts are misinterpreted !!!

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